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Introduction to Blogging with Avoori & Learn the Basics of Blog, Blogger & Blogging

The term blog in an abbreviation of weblog; used to describe digital web pages maintaining information on a regular basis.

A blog is considered to be a digital journal or a diary where articles are written about different topics, generally in reverse chronological order.

You can blog about anything, be it personal, professional or political aspects. You can choose to focus on a few selected subjects. Such a blog will have more authority for those subjects.

People generally chose a few niche subjects, only because they can write well about them, they know more about those topics and feel comfortable making regular posts about the subject.

As a general rule of thumb, the niche shouldn’t be very narrow. So you do not run out of topics every now and then. At the same time, it should be too broad that you cannot find the like-minded audience. People start to follow those blogs who write about a few selected subjects rather than a few random things. Unless it’s a personal site, where you can write about anything you want and people still follow you as a persona.

Characteristics of a Blog

There is no pre-defined set of features for a blog to qualify as a blog. However, blogs generally tend to have a couple of things in common.

Every blog has a main content area, where new posts are published usually in reverse chronological order. It means your new posts will be displayed first and oldest at last. The content area can display images, audio, video or anything else. It would still be considered part of the main content area.

Blogs do have a commenting section for each post unless it is disabled. A blog also has “feeds”, such as RSS or Atom. These feeds contain details about the post in XML format, mostly used for pinging & letting other services know of blog post updates.

One of the most used features is a blogroll, where you could display a list of links pointing to other sites. It could either be a genuine list to help readers find informative content. It could also be used to give your friends and business contacts an exposure shout-out. Or it could be used for link exchanges, for SEO purposes.

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