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Understanding Comment Spam & Taking Measure to Fight Spamming

There are good people and bad people in every part of the universe. Just like that, there are certain people in the digital universe who “spam” for their own benefits.

To understand spam, think of unwanted & unsolicited commercial messages that you get in your email inbox. You never asked them to email you, never subscribed to their offerings yet you receive emails from them. That’s called email spamming.

In email spamming, you are the direct target. In comment spamming, spammers target search engines to gain SEO benefits. So it’s slightly different in this context, they do so by including links in their comments.

Comment Spamming for Search Engines Explained

As a newbie, it might sound strange as to why would anyone want to use your new blog to target search engines? We’re glad, you asked!

Google revived the search engine industry and years back pioneered the concept of PageRank. In simple words, PageRank takes into accounts all the links a site link to and what those links say.

Google considers these links as your vote towards that site. Based on the keywords used in describing the link, Google increases a site’s authenticity for receiving more votes for certain keywords. And eventually, these sites rank well in Search Engine Result Pages for those selected keywords.

Spammers understood this technique, and came up with “Google Bombing”. It is a way to get a large number of sites to link to you with the link text you want, to influence your site Google rankings.

So it’s important for spammers to get live links. Google has become much smarter at detecting spam and quality of links. But spammers careless of it and target industry related sites/blogs to get their links posted with a comment to make it seem as natural as possible.

Handling Comment Spam

The best technique is always to manually check for spam by comment moderation. With math captcha integrated with every Avoori website, you can focus on writing great content and not worry about spammy bots making comments on your website blog. Spammers are less likely to return if they know you’ll be manually moderating the comments with care.

For the rest of the comments, you can address them by going to the Comments section where all of the comments are listed for you to moderate. The earlier you moderate the comments, the better. Readers feel good that you have approved their comments and that you actually read what they have to say.

Stealth Spam

Many spammers are creative people; they are always on the lookout for new ways to spam.  They make their comments seem natural. Most spammers use appreciation techniques to get their comment approved.

If you are unsure of a comment to be spam, just visit their URL. These URL’s look somewhat different, not like the usual sites. You can also do a Google reputation check for the website.

Too many spelling mistakes or many grammatical mistakes are another indications of a spammer comment.

With Avoori, you can always manually moderate comments and there are discussion settings that you can tweak to be less affected by comment spam.

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