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Building email campaigns

The main goal of collecting addresses and creating a newsletter form is to build an email campaign that is effective and that will help you bring more traffic or more sales to your website. Your email campaign is basically a stack of content created in one purpose, convince the recipient of whatever call to action you want at the end of it.

It’s divided into sections stacked unto each other in a vertical way with many images, buttons, and texts. Your email content can be created using Avoori newsletter and can be customized fully using the drag and drop editor.

If you’re wondering how then please continue reading this guide.

First, decide which email to use

When creating a new email marketing campaign, you first need to decide if it’ll be automated or if it’ll be sent manually to a certain email list.

There are two different types of email marketing campaigns and they are:

  • Automated: And these are the kind of emails that are sent to your subscribers every time they make a certain action that triggers these emails. The confirmation email sent to your subscribers is an automated email.
  • Blast: These emails are sent to subscribers because you have news to share with them or want to update them on something. They’re not triggered by any action and are sent when you decide to send them.

Create your first draft

When creating your email, you’ve got three options to choose from on Avoori:

  • Newsletter: Which are emails you sent to your subscribers to update them about a matter or share news with them.
  • Welcome emails: Which can be automated and sent when a subscriber confirms their subscription to your newsletter.
  • Post notifications: Which are emails that you can either be a blast or automated for when you either post a new blog post or product.

When creating your first date, go to your main menu, newsletter, emails, and click add new, you can choose from one of these three for a template of your choice and start customizing it.

Avoori newsletter

Add sections

To customize your email, there are many things to deal with, and one of them is your sections. Your email needs to have a built-in header and a built-in footer. 

You can either customize these built-in headers and footers on your own or add them on your own by clicking where the header or footer is and customizing it.

Avoori newsletter

Edit Sections

If you want to edit a section on your email, then double click on it or click on it once and click on the parameter’s icon, this will help you customize the section and edit it according to what you want.

If you want to copy the section on the other hand, then click on the duplicate icon and it will be copied instantly. 

When wanting to delete a section, click on it and click on the trashcan icon, you’re met with two choices, either delete the section once and for all or cancel the deletion. If you delete the section and save the changes, then there’s no going back, the changes can’t be undone. 

If you want to move a section from a place to another with Avoori newsletter, then just click on the section and drag it where you want it to be. The drag and drop tool is made to make your journey easier on the platform.

Headers and footers

If you want to edit your headers and footers and still don’t know which is which, then just continue on reading.

The footer is the top section that usually has your logo and your business’s name, while the footer is the one at the bottom that has the unsubscribe button and your business’s information like a legal address. 

The footer and header are there as proof that you’re a professional which can help you bypass the spam filters and help you end up on the primary inbox of your subscribers. 

So, if you want to edit either your header or footer, then here’s how:

  • If you want to either add a header or a footer, then click on one of the options.
  • If you want to upload an image or a logo on your header, then click on image and upload one and move it on top.
  • If you want to add your social icons, then click on social, you can add these in your footer.
  • To add titles or texts to your footer or header, then just click on text or title and add them to the footer or header and customize the content to your liking. 

Content sections

Sections can also be edited as you’d like, you can follow these steps to customize your section:


If you want your section to be a text, then please click on text and drag where you want to drop it. To edit the text, click on it twice and insert the text you want. You can change the color, the size, the font, and even add a link to the text you want.


To add an image section, click on image, drag it and drop it where you want the image to be on your email, and either upload the image or choose one from your media library (your website’s library). 

Then, after uploading the image, you can edit it on the image editor, resize it, and crop it. You can choose whether or not the image should link to an URL or if it’s there just for decoration. 

After uploading the image, make sure to add some caption, an alt title, and even a description in order to make the image comprehensible by spam filters.

Blog posts

If you want your email to include your latest blog post at the time, then you can do so by clicking on automatic latest content and dragging it and dropping on your email.

The preview of your latest post will show the first 200 characters which you can use to redirect subscribers to your latest blog content.

You can add as many blog posts as you want and manage them the way you’d like them to be. You can add, delete, or reorder depending on what you want. 

You can edit the preview texts to edit it according to what you want and the link will still be untouched and can lead to your latest blog post.

You can customize this section in terms of colors, fonts, and even padding and decide which background color it has. 

Your email will show the latest blog post of that time you created it, so, even if you add more blog posts the email will be left untouched and unchanged in your subscribers’ inbox. 

Product items

If you’re using products on the other hand instead of blog posts, then you can still use the same feature to include your products.

You can show as many products as you need and rearrange them in the order you want and need and that will best compliment your email.

You can include the colors you need and show the description of the product if you want and their image. 

If you’re including several products, then you can either put them next to each other on in a vertical order. 

It all depends on what you want your email to look like.


If you want to include a call to action in your email, then the best way to do it is through buttons. 

You can add the call to action by clicking on the button and adding a link to it and customizing the text to show whatever it is you want it to show.

Aside from this, you’ve got the right to customize the button in terms of color, font, padding, and everything else aesthetically speaking.


If you want your email to look as good as possible, then including spacers is a must.

Spacers, just like their name suggests, are there to help you create a white space. You can add them either after a section or before a section in order to create more space in your email and make it less crowded.

In spacers, you have to use the same color as your background colors so they can look transparent, and in terms of height, then you can customize your padding options.

If you want your email to look more artistic and unique, then you can make the spacers in a different color than the background but that still relates to your brand. 

You can also make them different in terms of height depending on the length of the section above them or underneath them.


If you don’t want to divide section by a spacer, then you can always divide them using a line section, also known as a divider on Avoori newsletter.

The divider line can either be thick or thin depending on what you want, it can be the same color as your background or in a different color for a change.

You can choose the style of the line and determine if it’s solid, dashed, or dotted depending on your branding.

Background colors

When creating a section, one of the things you’ll want to customize is the background color. To edit that, then double click on the section and choose the background color either by adding your color code or from your color palette. 

You can check how the email looks on your desktop and on mobile devices in order to find out if the color looks as good in different devices or if you need to change anything.

Add your logo

To add your business’s logo in either the header or footer, then you can upload your logo using the image feature and dragging it where you want to add it, whether in the header or footer. You can either find your logo on your image library if you’ve already uploaded it, or to upload it yourself.

Email personalization

To make your email marketing campaign more personalized and customizable, make sure to add tags in order to make it look more personal.

Here are the different tags you can use for your campaign:

  • Subscriber’s first name 
  • Subscriber’s last name
  • Site title 

You can add your merge tag in different places including: 

  • Your email’s subject line
  • Your email’s content 
  • Your email’s description 

Add and style links

One other thing that you can customize about your email is your link, buttons, texts, or even images. You can link the URL in one of the previous elements and click on style to edit the element and style your link.

  • Links’ styling is a part of your website’s customizer. You can customize how your links look by default by choosing the color, the font, the color after someone clicks on the link, and so on.
  • You can link to anything on your website as long as you respect your country’s regulations or your customers’ country regulations.

Turn a full blog post into a campaign

If you’ve posted a new blog post and want to redirect your subscribers to it, then it would be a good idea to create an email campaign mainly centered around that blog post. You can create an email campaign that includes the blog post’s content and a link to it.

To create this campaign, it only seems reasonable to first post the blog post with all of the content, images, and anything in-between. 

After doing so, you can create a new email campaign by going to your account dashboard, emails, and creating a new email. Choose the template that suits your taste the best and start customizing it, make sure to include the “posts” and drag it where you want your blog post to show up.

This will include your blog post in your email, and you can add section above it and underneath to add more content to your email and introduce your blog post in a better way.

After customizing your email according to what you want, you can preview it by clicking on preview and checking how it looks like. If you’re sure of what you want, you can then save the changes and start sending the email to your subscribers.

You can also make this process automatic by clicking an email using post notifications. This will help you create a template for emails that are sent to your subscribers in order to remind them that there is a blog post that they need to check.


If you want to add more than one section in one place, then columns are what you need. They will help you add more than one section in one place and rearrange them the way you want them to look.

You’ve got the possibility to add 3 columns at a time with the same width and height, or 2 columns at the same time with different width. These columns will help you organize your content in a better way and can be styled the way you want to.

Device View

It can be hard to determine how your email looks like without getting a preview, whether it’s on your mobile device or on your desktop.

To do this, click on preview on your email campaign, and insert the email you want to send the preview to so you can check how your email looks like.

Note: The unsubscribe button/link doesn’t work on test emails.

Save your draft

It’s important to save all of your changes when you believe that you’ve made an update in your email that you don’t want to lose. Although your draft is saved automatically on Avoori after every change you make, it’s still important to save it on your own when you’re sure of the changes you made. 

You can find your draft in the list of drafts in your email campaign dashboard and you can edit it by clicking on it.

Next steps

After sending your email campaign, it’s time to start adding more content, sending more emails, and tracking your analytics.

Your analytics are the key to the success of your email marketing and will help you understand your subscribers better.

If you’re still wondering how you can have more success in terms of your email campaigns, then you can check our guide on the best practices of email marketing.

For more help to use Avoori’s newsletter designer, here’s our guide.

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