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Building mailing lists

If you’re building your first email list, you might find it hard to raise your subscriber’s count. It can be a very interesting journey, and a very hard one at that. If you already have a mailing list and want to move it to Avoori, then you can either export your list and import it to Avoori, or add your contacts directly and manually.

You can build your mailing list slowly by using a lot of tricks like:

  • Using freebies in order to entice visitors
  • Including newsletter form in your footer 
  • Asking people to subscribe at the end of every blog post 

If you’re having trouble creating a mailing list or if you want to understand more about them, then this guide is for you.

Create an email list

If you want to create a mailing list on Avoori, then please log in to your account, click on the website you want, go to the menu, click on the newsletter, and click on the list.

You’ll be redirected to the lists of subscribers you have, and there you can either create a new list or import a new list.

What to know about mailing lists:

  • The order of your mailing list subscribers appears in a chronological order dating from the oldest ones at the bottom and the newest ones appearing on top.
  • There isn’t any limit in terms of subscribers and mailing lists, you can have as many as you want.
  • You can have the same subscriber in different mailing lists. There are no restrictions on what kind of subscribers you should have.
  • You can move subscribers from a list to another depending on what you want.  
  • If you need more advice on how to build a healthy mailing list and avoid being sent to spam, then please check our guide.

Note: Before you send emails, make sure your subscribers are yours and have confirmed their subscription. If you send emails to recipients that haven’t signed up to it, then you can be flagged as spammy and your future emails can go directly to the spam folder. Before you start sending emails to your subscribers, make sure to international or national legal requirements so you can respect them.

Import subscribers

You can always import subscribers to your mailing list from another email marketing service or provider using a .csv file. 

To do so, you’ll first have to create a new mailing list by following the same steps as above and clicking on import CSV.

If you already have a mailing list that you want to use for your imported subscribers then just go to the list and click on import CSV, but in this case, this means those subscribers will be added to the other ones you have on your list.

If you import a list with duplicate subscribers and gmails, then our system will take care of removing the duplicates and leaving only one so a better subscriber count and better analytics.

What does a .csv look like

When importing a .csv file from your marketing provider, you might wonder what kind of information it’ll have. 

In this case, your .csv file will have the following information:

  • The subscriber’s email address
  • The subscriber’s first name if you asked for it
  • The subscriber’s last name if you asked for it

No matter how different your .csv file can look like, our system will still import it o matter what the columns are titled or what they look like. The most important thing is that your .csv file has more than three columns then the third one will be ignored. 

Before you import your .csv make sure to check it to see if it has three columns or not in case a piece of important information is skipped or removed by our system because it exists in a fourth column. 

Add contacts individually

If you want to add subscribers to your list manually, then follow these steps, log in to your account, click on your website, go to your menu, click newsletter, click on subscribers, and click on add new. 

I got an Error message saying ‘You must enter a valid email address’

If you’ve received an error message saying the above, then that means the email address entered is not valid. Make sure to re-enter the email address correctly without any space and without any spelling mistakes.

Edit subscribers

If you have subscribers whose information is outdated and is no longer working, then you can edit the subscriber’s info and add the right information. You can also add another subscriber with the same email address and right info and they will be merged by the system.

If a large number of your contacts have now outdated information and you have the right information in a .csv file, then you can import the file and the contact list imported will overpower the existing one. This will update all of your contact list information and will now be correct.

Send campaigns to email lists

After creating your mailing list, you’ll want to start your first email marketing campaign. To do so, first, go to emails, verify your email, and create an email campaign using the template selection that we have.

After doing so, choose one of your mailing lists and start sending emails. 

You can create as many email marketing campaigns as you want and track as many as you want as well.

Track mailing list growth and unsubscribers

To check your mailing list growth, subscribers’ count, and unsubscribers’ count, then you can check our Avoori’s newsletter analytics to see how your email campaign is doing.

If one of your subscribers unsubscribes, then their name, email address, and information will be removed from all of our mailing lists and will be part of your unsubscriber’s count. 

Note: Even if they unsubscribe, they always have the option to resubscribe whenever they want.

Connect forms to your list

You can different kind of forms on your Avoori website wherever you want to, and using different ways including:

  • Newsletter block: You can add this by block by going to the page you want and choosing whether to put in your blog post, footer, or in your layout page using the page designer and the newsletter block. Connect then the block to the mailing list you wish the visitors would subscribe to.
  • Pop-ups: Create your own pop on Avoori by going to the main menu and pop-up and customizing it the way you like. Choose the mailing list you wish the visitors would subscribe to and when the pop up will show up and where.
  • At checkout: Encourage customers to sign up for your newsletter by offering incentives like a discount, a sale, or a promotional code.

You can choose whether or not the subscribers have to confirm their subscription and can customize the email and what it says to your liking.

Each form can have a different mailing list depending on what you want, and all forms can have the same subscriber if he subscribes to all of them.

Delete a list

If you no longer need a list on Avoori, then please proceed as so:

  • Go to your account 
  • Log in
  • Go to your website
  • Go to the dashboard
  • Click on newsletter
  • Click on list
  • Choose the list you want to delete
  • Click on delete or the trash icon

Delete a subscriber

If you no longer want a subscriber to be on your email list on Avoori, then please proceed as so:

  • Go to your account 
  • Log in
  • Go to your website
  • Go to the dashboard
  • Click on newsletter
  • Click on subscribers
  • Choose the subscriber you want to delete
  • Click on delete or the trash icon

Rename a list

To rename an email list you’ve created on Avoori, then just go the said email list, click on it, you’ll be redirected to a page where you can change the email list name and its description.

Search subscribers

If you’re looking for a subscriber on your list, then just follow these steps: 

  • Click on newsletter, and then subscribers.
  • Scroll to the subscriber list and enter their full email address in the search field.
  • Click on the search icon.

Avoori newsletter

Export an email list

If you want to export an email list from Avoori on a .csv file, then please follow these steps: 

  • Go to your website and go to newsletter
  • Click on sibscribers
  • Click on export list

This will create a file that you need to then download on your computer in order to get access to the email list.

Export email lists from other providers

If you’re having trouble exporting contacts from your email marketing provider to import it to Avoori, then these steps will help you out. 

Your .csv file is normally made of three columns that have the subscriber’s email address, first name, and last name and it can quickly be created by simply clicking on export. 

If your email provider in the past was Mailchimp and want to export content from it, then please check our guide on migrating your subscriber’s list from Mailchimp to Avoori.

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