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Email Marketing FAQ

We often receive similar questions when it comes to our email marketing tools, so, here are our FAQ answered:

How is Avoori’s newsletter?

When signing up for the online store plan, you automatically get a feature that’s called Avoori’s email marketing which is going to help you send email campaigns from your website without any added feature.

How much does it cost?

The feature in itself is free and you’ll get it as long as you sign up for the online store plan which costs $26 a month if you pay the annual plan. 

You can’t add the feature on other plans because it’s only a special feature for the online store plan.

I’m already using an email marketing service. How do I switch?

Although you can use the email marketing service using other email marketing providers like MailChimp, it’ll be better to manage everything under Avoori.

In order to do that, you can export your list of subscribers from other providers and import it to Avoori so it can be managed on your website.

Can I use Email Campaigns with a parking page?

Our parking pages are there just to let everyone know that your domain name is taken and therefore can’t be used for email marketing.

In order to use our email marketing tool, you need to sign up for an online store plan and start a website.

Can I use emojis?

Yes, using emojis is possible on Avoori’s newsletter and is supported. 

But, there are some things to consider before using emojis. Emojis look different on each device depending on what the subscriber uses. There are lesser options when it comes to skin colors for emojis so you might not get the colors you want when using the email marketing provider.

Is there a limited number of emails I can send?

 You can send as many emails as you want per day or per month using Avoori’s email marketing as long as they’re under 15000 emails.

Although it’s advisable to only send a limited number of high-quality emails in order to avoid being redirected to the spam folder.

How do I hide the unsubscribe link?

Hiding the unsubscribe link from your emails is frowned upon and isn’t permitted according to several regulations. Your subscribers have the right to unsubscribe at any moment and you need to give them the option to do it.

Therefore, there isn’t a way to hide the unsubscribe link or button.

Can I use custom code?

You can use CSS on your email campaigns and customize your email template the way you like.

Can site contributors send campaigns?

Anyone who has an admin role can contribute to the website in several ways including sending email campaigns. That is why contributors with an admin role can send emails and access your website’s email marketing data.

How do I hide my address?

Just like it’s the case for the unsubscribe button, you can not remove your mailing address. You need to have one in your emails according to several regulations.

Can I connect multiple forms to one mailing list?

You can connect unlimited forms to mailing lists on Avoori. 

Can Avoori help improve my results?

Although we can’t guarantee improved results, we still offer the best tools we can to help you achieve the results you need. You can auto-educate yourself to find out the right practices in email marketing to help you improve your results and respect the guidelines of email marketing and regulations in order to achieve the best results.

Why are my campaigns delivered to the “promotions” tab?

If some users that receive your emails consider them as promotion and start placing them in the promotions tab. If customers want to see them in their primary inbox, they can redirect it to the primary box. 

How do I copy a draft?

If you want to copy a draft, then you can go to your email template, choose a draft, click on the one you want to copy, and choose to duplicate it.

How do I change the button colors in emails?

You can click on the email you want, click on the text or the button you want to change the color of, and change it the way you want to. 

Can I pull in images from my site?

On our Avoori’s newsletter, you can add images by uploading them and adding them with the drag and drop tool wherever you want to on the email. You can either upload them via the free stock websites or by uploading them from your gallery. 

How do I add an image without a caption?

If you want to add an image without a caption, then go to images, choose the one you want to add, skip the caption, and that’s it.

How do I add a video?

There isn’t the possibility to add a video on your emails, but there is the possibility to add a .gif or an image to help your content look better. In the future, it’ll be possible to add videos to your emails. 

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