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Getting permission to send marketing emails

When starting a website, you usually have no followers and no email subscribers, so, you might think it’s a good idea to buy a list of subscribers or buy a list of emails for your website, but, that is morally wrong and is penalized by Google.

That’s why it’s important to understand that your list of email subscribers should only include people who signed up for it and who chose to enter their email for that sole purpose. So, whether you’re using Avoori’s newsletter tool, MailChimp, or any other email marketing platform, there are certain rules you should follow.

So, here’s a guide to help you avoid being penalized by Google: 

Send a confirmation email

To increase the chances of your emails being read by your subscribers, make sure to first send them a confirmation email. The confirmation email makes sure that the email the person used is indeed their emails and that they want to start receiving emails from you.

By confirming they are the person, they’ll be added to the mailing list and will receive your emails, if not, then they won’t be added. This helps you avoid having your emails sent to the spam folder and increases your chances of having them opened and read. 

You can create this option using Avoori’s newsletter or using any other email marketing provider.

Ask visitors to subscribe

To grow your list of subscribers, it’s important to follow the good old way of doing it, by asking them. Here’s how you can grow your list of subscribers: 

  • Include a CTA at the end or in the middle of each page and blog post that will help them subscribe.
  • Offer freebies that will serve as a CTA for them to subscribe. 
  • Include a subscription option at checkout if you have an online store.
  • Add popups to your website so that visitors can quickly subscribe. 

Don’t buy email lists

If you want to stat a moral business that follows moral guidelines and accept people’s privacy, then it’s important for you to build your email list from scratch. Buying lists is both penalizing by Google and is also frowned upon in the community.

If your list of subscribers is purchased, then you’ll have higher chances of having your emails sent to the spam folder or for them to be marked as spam from the users. Lists can also have fake email addresses that can flag your email as suspicious and might jeopardize your website’s reputation. 

Don’t move subscribers to lists they didn’t sign up for

Another practice that is frowned upon is moving your subscribers from a list to another they didn’t sign up for nor ask for. 

Just because someone signed up for a type of content doesn’t mean they’ll be attracted to a similar one. With this information, make sure to never move your list of subscribers to another list with different content.

It’s okay to import your list to another one as long as they have the same content and concept.

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