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Getting started with Avoori Email Marketing

With Avoori newsletter, you can now send emails whenever you need and whenever you have to your subscribers to keep them updated on your latest projects and of your latest news. 

This feature exists on the online store plan to help you craft beautiful emails that relate to your brand and that helps your subscribers remember you better. Create emails more easily in order to send them in an effortless way. And finally, it’ll also help you master email marketing by understanding your analytics so you can create a better strategy.

So, if you’re considering starting email marketing, here’s your getting started guide. 

Avoori newsletter

What You Need to Know

  • The email marketing tool only exists on the online store plan and it’s there for free. You can’t buy the feature and add it to other plans.
  • You need to have a website on Avoori to start with the email marketing tool. 
  • You can’t use it on a parking page.
  • It can be hard to create the right emails from the start, it’s going to take some time and a lot of error and trial.

Sign up

When signing up to a trial website on Avoori, you get access to all features that exist on our premium plans including Avoori newsletter.

You can access the Avoori newsletter from the menu and create a new email or newsletter from the menu or access the templates from there.

You can try out the templates, customize them from there, add your own logo, add your colors, write down what you need, add the images using the drag and drop feature, and create an email marketing campaign using the Avoori newsletter. 

Set up your profile and mailing lists

After you set up your email marketing campaign, you might be tempted to start sending emails, but, the first step is to first create a mailing list.

That’s why it’s important to first confirm your email address, create an email list, and put the subscribing form on your website in order to collect emails. 

The email you confirm Avoori newsletter with is the one that’s going to be used to send emails from to your subscribers.

Avoori newsletter

Help visitors subscribe

As we’ve said before, after creating your mailing list, it’s important to start gathering emails. To do that, you need to let people subscribe to your list by including it on your website.

You can add a newsletter block as a footer for all pages or in the middle of each page to encourage users to subscribe.

You can also offer enticers like freebies to increase your chances of having more subscribers.

Send automated or blast email campaigns

When sending out emails, you’ve got two options to choose from: 

Blast campaigns or automated campaigns. Both are equally good, but their use is very different. 

Blast campaigns are campaigns you set up to send to one or all of your mailing list to let them know of a discount you have, an upcoming event, a sale, and so on. You create the email campaign and send it yourself.

Automated campaigns are campaigns created to be sent following an action that happens on your website. If one of the visitors decides to subscribe to your website, then an automated confirmation email is sent to them. That confirmation email is an automated campaign.

Track results

After sending out your first email campaign, it’s time to track them. Without in-built analytics, you can track who has received your email, the open rate, the click rate, and whatever other data you might need.

Tracking your emails and analyzing them is what’s going to help you achieve better results and create a better strategy which is why we recommend it here on  Avoori. You can use our in-built tool to help you figure out which strategy is working better and in doing so, create a better one.

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