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How to Prevent Fake Signups and Subscribers to Your Newsletter

Fake signups are quite popular on all websites and Avoori is not an exception. Although hackers are automating ‘bots’ for making these fake signups, with Avoori you can control this using the a few built in methods. Let’s explore them in detail.

Automatic prevention of fake signups using double opt-in

Avoori newsletter comes built in with double opt-in. This means that newsletters are not delivered to unconfirmed subscribers or subscribers who didnt confirm their email address. So If a subscribed user is not getting your newsletters and you are absolutely sure the user email is correct, you may approve the user manually in the subscribers list.

Make sure anti-spam is enabled for the comments section

Avoori comes with comments, registration and password reset captcha tools to make sure you have a secured website and to prevent spam comments by bots. As the website owner you have the option to change the captcha settings and remove the captcha, exposing your website to possible security related issues. We do not recommend removing these options, but you may do so if you feel its required for your website.

Preventing fake signups

Fake signups are usually more popular in your website registration forms compared to newsletter subscription forms. Most often, the so-called fake users that we find on our newsletter subscribers list are indeed scandalous bots registered as your website users. However, there are a few methods to stop fake signups in Avoori:

  • Check your website for suspicious signups. Make sure to look out for the ones with the same email addresses.
  • Go to your website comments > spam section and see if any email addresses match with the ones in your newsletter subscribers list.

Hope you can stay away from fake signups now.

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