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Improve Newsletter Open, Click and Interest rates

Open rate and click rate are a significant piece of information required to evaluate a successful email campaign. If they’re not good enough, know that you must find the solution as soon as possible before sending your next campaign. Before we discuss how to improve the open rate and click rate of your emails, let us first have an idea of what open rate and click rate actually are.

Open Rate

Open rate is a percentage of people from your email list who have opened your email campaign. An email is considered to be open only when the recipient interacts with images or link of the email by clicking on them. Open rate is calculated by dividing the total number of opened emails by the total number of sent emails (excluding the bounced emails, of course).

Open Rate % = (No. of opened emails / No. of Email Delivered) x 100%

Avoori’s newsletter system has a unique and more accurate way of calculating open rates where it focuses on the number of unique subscribers who open emails rather than the number of interactions/clicks made in the emails.

Click Rate

Unlike open rate, click rate is a percentage of people from your email list who were successfully delivered to your campaign through a minimum of one click.

Click Rate % = (No. of clicks / No. of opened emails) x 100%

How to improve your Email Open Rate

  • Write a catchy subject line that persuades people to open your email.
  • Write interesting and relevant contents in your email so people want to interact with them.
  • Find out the best day and time to send your emails.
  • Segment your list based on location, interest, history, etc. This will improve your subscribers’ interaction with your emails in a much better way.
  • Build an email list instead of buying it.
  • Avoid looking like a spammer by avoiding certain words and phrases. It will prevent your important newsletters from getting delivered to Gmail Promotions Tab.
  • Sometimes, not adding a postal address to the footer of your email can send it to SPAM. Make sure to place a footer module in the newsletter and fill the required information.

How to improve your Email Click Rate

  • Make your links simple and short.
  • Describe in simple words why should the viewer click on something in your newsletter.

Getting proper click and open rates is not an easy task. Our best suggestion is to create a newsletter but delay sending it. Open it after a few days and see if it still sparks the same interest for you as it did when you first created it. This will be very similar as getting that newsletter yourself and viewing it in the eyes of the recipient. Good Luck!

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