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Marketing your Avoori website

Marketing your website can be quite the work, especially if it’s your first one. But with Avoori, we’re going to help you market your website so that you can increase traffic and even sales. 

Learn the basics of SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is there to help you rank better on search engines by abiding by some rules and including some key elements that will help search engines understand your content better.

To do so, here’s a short checklist: 

If you want more help with your Avoori website and want to learn why using Avoori helps you with your SEO journey, then check our guide of what Avoori does for SEO. You can also check our other SEO guides to help your website rank better.

Start collecting leads to build a following

You can collect your visitors’ emails and our in-built tools and start communicating important information. 

  • Use the popup feature on Avoori to help you collect your visitors’ emails.
  • Use Avoori’s email marketing to help you send emails to your subscribers and keep them updated on special offers, sales, and discounts. 

Engage your customers with email campaigns

With Avoori’s newsletter tool, you’ll be able to send automated emails, newsletters, and create email campaigns whenever you want to on your website.

Here’s what our tool can help you do: 

  • Create email campaigns 
  • Track your subscribers and unsubscribers 
  • Create email campaigns that are automatized.

You can always choose to connect your website with any other email marketing provider like Mailchimp for example.

Promote your business through social media

To increase your website’s traffic, you need to connect it to social media as well:

  • Include social media icons on your website to help people share your content using the social media outlets they have.
  • Include your social media profiles on your website so visitors can follow you outside your website.
  • Share your content all over social media outlets. 

Keep tabs on your performance

To understand your website’s performance better and grow slowly, you need to track your website’s traffic and performance and analyze it whenever possible.

  • Use Google Analytics to track your daily traffic and from where your visitors come from.
  • Track the posts or pages that get the most views to understand what’s different about them.
  • Use Google search console to track the keywords you’re ranking for.
  • Use all of the information you gather from these tools to create a strategy.

Learn more through our blog

Our blog is made for website owners who are trying to grow their websites and traffic and succeed even if it’s their first website. We have all kinds of topics from marketing to SEO to help you grow your traffic.

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