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Newsletter Dripping/Drip Content Campaigns for New Subscribers with Welcome Emails

Before we learn how to create a drip campaign with welcome emails, let us first understand what a drip campaign and a welcome email are:

Welcome Emails: An autoresponder email that is triggered when someone subscribes to a list or when a new Avoori website user is added for a specific role to your website site is called a welcome email.

Drip Campaign: A marketing strategy that allows you to create and send an automatic series of content in your own scheduled time is known as a drip campaign. In this campaign, the contents are pre-written and there is no need to write and send each of them manually.

Drip campaigns usually have their end goals and are used as follow-up method to engage subscribers. For instance: a drip campaign could be rewarding your best customers with freebies or educating your subscribers with a training course.

Now we’re ready to learn how to set up a drip campaign with welcome emails! Here you go and follow the below steps:

  1. Go to your Avoori website dashboard > Newsletters > Emails.
  2. Click on Add New
  3. Select the type of email you want to create: Welcome Email.
    You will see the following:

[Image 1]

  1. Click on Set Up in order to schedule time for your email. For sending a welcome email, schedule to send it immediately after someone signs up to your list. (You can use the same Welcome Email template for creating your second email.)

[Image 2]

  1. For creating your next email, select your desired template and make changes using the Newsletter Design Editor.
  2. Check your settings and click Activate button at the Final Step page.
  3. Now schedule your second email to be sent after a day(s) as you want.

[Image 3]

  1. Similarly, follow the same steps to create your third email to send on your own scheduled time. For example: 7 days later.

[Image 4]

  1. Create a queue of preset emails and send each of them on a definite time according to your own strategic plan.

[Image 5]

Good Luck!

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