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Selling Email Subscriptions – Your Paid Newsletter

So you’ve come to the point you have some exclusive content you want to sell using a one time fee or a subscription. There are 2 ways you can use Avoori Newsletters to sell access to your newsletters.

  1. Using Autoresponders or Welcome Emails in Avoori Newsletters
    Using this method a series of emails or newsletters are automatically sent to your paid subscribers based on your pre-defined rules and intervals preconfigured in the Avoori Newsletters Welcome Emails section.
  2. Using a Subscription Product
    You may connect paid subscribers to a newsletters list and send them periodic emails as you would normally by using the newsletters functionality, only limited to a specific paid list.

Use Case Example

Imagine you know a lot about a particular subject, let’s say gardening, and you want everyone to know about it and sell a gardening tips paid newsletter service that is limited to paying subscribers only.

Now there are literally millions of people who want to learn the principles of gardening in a professional, summarized and easy to follow step-by-step guides.

How to Create the Automation for Autoresponders

First you need to make sure you have an Avoori Online Store plan for your website. Then you need to create a simple product or subscription to accommodate the purchase of your newsletters plan.

Create a virtual product thats ready to be purchased and simply select the list or lists the customer will be added to once this product is purchased.

Subscription Management Ideas

Imagine if 100 people order your product in the first month. How would you be managing it?

The traditional way would be to personally send an email to each customer with a copy of your daily or weekly content. Doing this for 100 people would consume so much time! It will not be worth your time and you end up losing more money due to the fact you will be spending hours managing the service.

Avoori Paid Newsletters solves this problem for us. You can create a virtual product and also get a built-in automatic Newsletters option. So the moment anyone makes a purchase, they will receive a series of welcome emails or get subscribed to an emails list. They will receive the content you’ve created in a newsletter format using your chosen template style and design.

You can easily set up the whole content plan as a premade newsletter, already outlined and ready to be fully automated with Welcome Emails. The purchaser will seamlessly receive all those emails in their inbox at your chosen intervals. Due to this automation, the process becomes absolutely hassle-free!

Paid Newsletter Service vs. Customer Management

Once a visitor becomes your customer and purchases anything from you, that’s when you should move such a subscriber from a generalized communication cycle to rather an “upsell” cycle of communications, possibly using another Welcome Email automation scheme.

For example, if you want to sell a yearly subscription, it would be a good idea to send existing subscribers an automated Welcome Email exactly one year after their initial purchase to renew their membership or offer them another set of products to accommodate their purchase.

Benefits of Customer Management in One Place

  • Use the online store product functionality, add new products and automatically assign your customers to various autoresponder lists based on their purchased product. You will see an additional “Newsletters” tab integrated into the product settings page. So whenever you create a new product, you can assign the lists to which the customer will be added to, all in one place.
  • Instant, you don’t need to be an expert in creating mailing lists. You don’t even need to know much about it. Simply create the lists in Newsletters > Lists and get started.
  • Multiple Mailing Lists, the ability to add customers to multiple mailing lists and to be able to make different configurations for each mailing list depending on what kind of product or service you sell on your online store.

In a nutshell, you get a product-specific autoresponder that’s fully integrated into your online store that automatically adds your customers to the chosen lists and offers a simple opt-in on checkout.

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