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Troubleshooting Email Campaigns

If you’re having trouble with your email campaigns, then this guide will help you go through the most common ones and solve them: 

My email list didn’t get imported

If you’ve tried to import your mailing list another email provider to Avoori and it didn’t work, then there are 2 case scenarios: 

  • Improperly formatted error message: This means that your .csv file that you’ve imported has badly arranged information or it doesn’t contain the right information in the right places. Make sure the .cvs file is in the right shape and form so it can be imported to Avoori’s mailing list.
  • Upload failed error message:  If this message shows up then it might be because your mailing address has email addresses that have a high spam report or a high bounce rate. If you’ve bought this email list, then it’s against general regulations and it can get you in trouble.

Someone signed up for my mailing list, but I don’t see them in my list

If you’ve created a confirmation email for your subscribers so they can confirm their email address before being added to your email list, then sometimes a person can sign up to your mailing list and you might not see them because they haven’t clicked on the confirmation email yet.

As long as they didn’t still confirm their email, they won’t be added to your mailing list. You can resend another confirmation letter to the subscriber or a follow-up email to check if they have received the first confirmation email or not, if they haven’t received it, then ask them to check their spam folder. 

You can always let your visitors subscribe without a confirmation email to avoid this problem.

A subscriber saw a 404 error when they confirmed their subscription

If your subscribers find a 404-error message when wanting to confirm their email address, then it means that your mailing list has been disconnected from the newsletter block or pop up that you’re using. 

You can reset the parameters to solve this problem by going to the newsletter block or pop-up and re-choosing the mailing list you wish visitors would subscribe to and save the changes.

Emails disappeared from my email list

If somehow the number of subscribers on your list is decreasing and their email is removed or has disappeared from your mailing list, then it’s because they unsubscribed.

If someone unsubscribes from your email list, then they’ll automatically be removed in order not to falsify the analytics and data. This helps keep a healthy bounce rate and improves the quality of your email campaign. 

My email says it was sent via Avoori

If you’re using a free email address like Yahoo, Outlook or Gmail, or are using a custom email that is still unverified, then it’s going to be sent with a “via Avoori”. To remove this, please use a custom email and verify it.

The Unsubscribe link in my test email doesn’t work

When using a test email, your unsubscribe text and link won’t work in order to not affect your analytics. Once you send out the email to your subscribers, your unsubscribe link will work.

My email didn’t get sent

If your email marketing campaign is all ready and you hit send and it doesn’t, then you can check your internet connection or clear your browser’s cache and try again.

If it still doesn’t send, then please contact our customer support in order to check what’s the problem. 

We also recommend that you check in an hour before you try to re-send your email to check if it has got sent or not in order to avoid a duplicate.

I can’t edit the text in a layout

If you’re using a certain layout that has some certain texts, then they can be let unedited. 

In some cases, some images are used with transparent areas that have texts in them. If that’s an image file that you’re trying to edit, and if the text is inside the image, then you won’t be able to edit it since it’s a part of it. 

You can, however, delete the image or crop it to remove the text part. You can always replace it with your own image for better branding and better customization.

I can’t move sections

Our templates work with the drag and drop tool to help you quickly customize the email in the most efficient way possible.

If you try to drag a section and it doesn’t then it’s an editable area like a text. You can drag the whole paragraph to another place instead. If it’s a draggable section and doesn’t want to be moved, then you can adjust the section’s padding in order to be able to move it around.

I accidentally deleted a color 

If you’re using a color on your email campaign and suddenly deleted without meaning to, then you can add it back to your color palette. You can click on a section where the color is already there, click on the details and write down the details of the color in order to use them where you want to use them. 

If you’re not using the color anywhere else then it can be hard to retrieve it unless you go back to your history before you deleted the color so you can take it back. Make sure to always go back to your history whenever you make a mistake, and if that’s not possible, then at least make sure to write down the details of the colors you like.


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