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Writing More Personal Email to Avoid the Promotions Tab

Gmail has its own algorithms for classifying emails into five different categories namely: Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates and Forums, each of them with their own respective tabs in the inbox. Promotions tab is for promotional offers and marketing emails and sometimes, that’s where your valuable newsletters might end up landing in your subscribers’ inbox.

On one hand, Avoori has no control over how Google Algorithm filters incoming emails. Whereas, on the other hand, we can definitely minimize our emails from getting delivered to the Promotions tab. Here are some tips on how you can minimize your emails from being delivered to Gmail Promotions Tab.

Mention subscriber’s first name in subject line and the first line of email

The rule is simple: the more you personalize your email, the more likely it will be delivered into the correct place. Therefore, include your subscriber’s first name in the subject line and first line of the/sentence of the email by personalizing it with shortcodes. This tip is also useful for improving your open rates and click through rates even with users not using Gmail.

Reduce the number of links and images in the email

If you put more links and images into your email, Gmail will consider it as a promotional mail and deliver it to Promotion Tab. So, make sure your email content looks simple and meaningful to the readers.

Pay attention to the usage of words

It’s very important that you avoid using spammers’ words such as Limited Time Only, Act Now!, Don’t hesitate, Hurry Up, Save Big Money, etc. Google bots are well-aware that these are relevant to marketing and will push your insightful message right into the Promotions category. Also, remember not to use subject lines ALL IN CAPS if you dislike looking like a spammer.

Perform a test before sending an email

Luckily, there is a tool with which you can check where your emails are going to land up in your readers’ inbox. So before sending an email to subscribers, you can perform this Litmus test.

Ask your subscribers to move your email from Promotions Tab to another

Sometimes, asking your subscribers to follow this simple step can save you from looking like a spammer. When your subscribers move one of your emails from Promotions tab to Primary Tab through ‘drag and drop’, Gmail will ask them whether it should continue delivering your email campaigns to the same tab. Once they agree to that, you can rest assured that you have got the way to get your next messages across them.

Even though the above tips might help to prevent your emails from getting delivered to Promotions Tab, please don’t forget that it is not 100% guaranteed.

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