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Connecting your domain name to Avoori

If you’ve bought a domain name using a third-party provider like Namecheap, GoDaddy, etc.. And wish to keep it registered using them, then you can simply connect it to Avoori without transferring it. To do this, you might want to change some settings when it comes to your domain name third-party provider in order to connect it to Avoori. The name will still belong to that provider, but you’ll have it connected to your website here on Avoori.

Tip: If you want to transfer your domain, then please check our transferring guide, please make sure your domain name is eligible before transferring it. You can see our guide about transferring your domain name in order to understand the differences between connecting and transferring. 

Note: If you still haven’t bought a domain name, then you can always buy one using Avoori.

What to do before you begin

  • In order to connect your domain name to Avoori that’s been purchased through a third-party provider, you need to have an active domain name. 
  • After you connect your domain name to Avoori, you’ll still need to renew it each year using that provider in order not to lose your parking page or website. 
  • You can always transfer your domain name to Avoori if you want to connect your website easily to your domain name provider.
  • Connecting your domain name to your website can take from about 24 hours to 72 hours depending on that name provider and their response.
  • Your provider name needs to have full DNS access in order to connect it to your Avoori website.
  • Your domain name can either be connected to a trial website or a paid website on Avoori, never an expired one. 
  • You don’t have to transfer your email data and information to Avoori since you won’t be transferring your domain name. 
  • You can use different domain names that redirect to your website without limitations. 
  • You can’t use domain names that have special characters like “ü, é, ñ” for your domain name on Avoori. These characters might redirect to another website in browsers that don’t support these characters.
  • You can’t transfer domain names that include the name of a website builder like “” “” etc to Avoori. You need to have a purchased domain name. 

Connecting your domain name: Step #1 – Start the connection in Avoori

To connect your domain name on Avoori, you need to create your own account first.

If you don’t have an account then:

  1. Create an account on Avoori by filling out your information from name to email address and password.

avoori get started

To add your domain name, then please follow these steps: 

  • Go to Avoori User Portal

avoori dashboard

  • Go to the Domains section
  • Select the Add a Domain 
  • Select Connect an Existing Domain from the dropdown menu.


  • Enter your domain name in the empty field. 
  • Click on connect in order to connect it to your provider 

avoori connect your domain name

  • You will be presented with DNS information which you’ll have to fill in order to connect your domain. 

avoori domain

Step #2 – View your DNS settings

In order to connect your Avoori website to your domain name provider, please go to your user portal on the domain provider and go to your DNS settings.

Add the DNS information Avoori will present to you with the A record and let your website wait to be verified for 24 hours to 72 hours. 

Your domain name should be verified after a while and it’ll appear on your user portal when it’s finally connected.

It’s normal for your domain name to be verified, you can always go to your user portal and refresh the records every hour to make sure everything’s doing great. If everything you did is correct, then your domain name will be correctly linked. 

If your website doesn’t get connected even after 72 hours, then please check with our customer support and open a ticket in order to fix this problem. 

avoori dashboard

Troubleshoot with the DNS record checker

If your website couldn’t be detected by our platform or wasn’t connected correctly, then a message saying “could not verify domain ownership” will appear.

You can recheck the DNS parameters for your domain name and re-enter them on your user portal on your domain provider. 

Please re-do the steps as it’s bee said before or check the video we’ll link down below to help you out with connecting your domain name.

More help

We have different guides and videos to help you out on your journey on Avoori whether when it comes to your parking page or whether when it comes to transferring your own domain name to Avoori. 

  • If you need any help with transferring your website, then please check our guide.
  • If you need help with your parking page or don’t know how to manage it and customize it yet, then please check our guide.
  • If you need more help when it comes to connecting your domain name to your Avoori website, then please contact our customer support to open a ticket.
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