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Domain Basics

When creating your website on Avoori, you’ll see that it comes with a free generic domain name like “” which can be completely replaced with a custom domain. Custom domains are domains you purchase and that look like this “”, “”, “” and other varieties. When using Avoori, you can either purchase a domain name on Avoori to connect it with your website, transfer a domain name you bought using a third-party provider, or connect your website to a domain already purchased without transferring it.

You can always create a website on Avoori without buying a domain name and leaving the generic one, but, from a professional standard, custom domains simply look more professional and suggest that you’re more invested in your website.  

Is web hosting the same as domain hosting? 

Although these two hostings are quite similar and related, they’re still very different. You can always check our guide about Web hosting vs Domain hosting to learn the difference.

Using a domain you already own

If you already have a domain name that you’ve purchased through a third-party provider, then you can either transfer it using Avoori, or connect it to a website you’ve already created. 

Connecting your website might be more complicated than transferring it which is why we recommend transferring it. 

  • Transferring: This option will let you manage your domain and connect it all on Avoori. 
  • Connecting: This, on the other hand, will let you manage your domain name on the third-party provider but still connect it to your website.

Register domains through Avoori

The best option that we would recommend and that has the least complications and hardships is non-other than buying your name through Avoori. You can visit our page Avoori domains in order to search for the domain name you want and buy it easily without any complications and get your own SSL certificate and WHOIS privacy.

avoori domain search

Transfer domains to Avoori

If you have already a domain name that you’ve purchased using a third-party provider and don’t want it to be managed by that domain-name provider anymore, then you can always transfer it to Avoori. You’ll pay for one extra year and will have to manage the DNS settings and open a ticket with the customer support, but you’ll be able to manage your domain name, website or parking page, all in one place which is why we recommend this option.

For more details on how to transfer your domain name to Avoori, then please check our guide on it.

Connect domains to Avoori

If you have already a domain name that you don’t want to transfer, then you can always connect it to your Avoori website without transferring the property.  To do this, then please check our extended guide on connecting your domain name to your Avoori website. 

Also, in order to learn the differences between transferring and connecting, then please check this guide.

Custom email addresses through G Suite by Google

You can always create an email address with G suite using your domain name if you want to start receiving emails on that email address and look more of a professional using our partnership with G suite by Google.

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