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Getting Started With a Free Trial Website

Avoori offers a free 14-day trial with every website you create so you can try our services and build your website without paying anything.

You will have full access to all the features, even during this the trial period. This way, you can learn how the platform works and create the design you need without any limitations. At any time during the free trial, you are able to subscribe to make sure that your website stays live at all times.

A unique feature of your Avoori’s free trial website is that even within the trial period, your website will be able to be verified by Google Search Console, a site that helps you manage your site’s presence in the Google search results and allows you to request Google to index your site.

Start the Free Trial

  1. Begin by clicking on Get Started to create your Avoori account. Alternatively, you may Login if you created one earlier.
  2. The screen will change into a registration form where you will be able to fill in your account information.
  3. After filling out the new account form, you will be directed to our template collection. Once you have decided on the template that you would like to use for your first website, click choose template.
  4. Once you select your template, you will be automatically redirected to your website dashboard where you are able to access all the website features that are available to you. To start customizing your website, click Edit Website.
  5. Once you are in the page designer, you will be able to change your text inline, drag and drop items, and much more.

Already in the trial, you can add unlimited local site users and create additional websites!

This is especially useful if you are working with a team with members responsible for different roles within the site.

To learn more about the design features and how you can begin customizing your website, take a look at our Getting Started Customizing Your Website guide.

View the video below and watch how to get started with a free 14-day trial.

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