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Getting started with Avoori in brief

Avoori is an all-in-one platform, website builder, and CMS, powered by WordPress. It’s been created with the sole purpose to help leaders like you build an online website in the easiest & most efficient way possible.

A subscription on Avoori means you’ll be able to create a WordPress powered website with the features & ease of use of a website builder. The subscription includes 24/7 support, beautiful templates & professional layouts, included secured hosting, and access to an easy-to-use platform where you can create what you dream of. 

Avoori can be used either for building a blog, a website for your business, or an online store.

Avoori homepage

Tip: We have a FAQ section that you can visit that’ll answer most if not all of your questions about Avoori and our services.

What To Do First

The moment you start a trial, it’ll be best if you check our personal guide on Avoori so you can understand the main key features of our platform and understand your way around it. 

-Every new website on Avoori comes with a 14-day trial where you can experience and explore the platform for free. You can upload photos, videos, content, and even design your own template in these 14 days in order to learn more about the platform and in order to share your progress with people that are close to you.

Avoori 14 day trial

-Once you start the trial, you’ll be taken to the template page where you can choose the one you like based on your industry. Every template comes with its own demo to help you understand the unique features of the template and how you can customize the layout. You can always skip the demo if you want to, but we recommend following through it.

-Once you feel ready to start building your pages, go to your dashboard and click on create new pages. This will help you create new sections and rearrange them the way you like on your template. 

Signing Up

You can always choose a billing plan either after or during your trial whether you plan on starting a blog or an online store.

-Our billing plans are available on a monthly or/and an annual payment cycle. The annual billing payment cycle costs less since the average monthly cost is lower.

-On your trial, your website isn’t activated. Once you choosing a billing plan your website can go live and you can share it with your friends and family.

-If you still don’t feel ready for a website, then you can always buy the domain name you want before it’s no longer available and get a parking page.

Designing Your Website

Designing your website on Avoori can be done by choosing the right font and color for your business and implementing it on all of your websites.

-Our design tips on our blog can help you understand the overall aesthetics of a website and how to choose the right colors, fonts, and even template.

-Choose a color palette for your business to help your branding

-Choose a font pack to help you adjust your website’s text and make them adhere to the font pack.

Tip: Find more guides on Getting Started by exploring the left navigation.

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