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Managing multiple domains

When buying a domain name on Avoori, you have the possibility to either buy one domain or several other ones. Your account can have as many websites as you want, as well as many domain names. So, if you’re considering buying different domain names, this guide is for you.

This guide is there to help you manage different domains under the same account. 

Multiple domains vs. multiple sites

Domains are different than websites, although they are closely related. Your website is more of a store, while your domain is the street address everyone used to find your store. But, there are some cases where some stores have more than one address that all lead to the same store. But in some cases, you might have an address without having a store or a house, like it’s the case for a P.O. box.

Depending on what you want or need, you can:

  • Connect different domains to one single website
  • Connect multiple domains to different sites or parking pages

You can learn more about connecting your domain to a website through our guides.

Why use multiple domains?

Using different domains is a great way to make your website accessible through different addresses. This helps you direct more traffic to your website and gives you more visibility online. The reason why website owners use different domains is in order to capture even visitors who make misspellings. This way instead of being redirected to their competitor’s website, they get redirected to the right website.

If you have a website that for example says “”, registering “”or “” can also be very helpful.

SEO for sites with multiple domains

If your website has multiple domains, then there’s nothing to worry about SEO-wise. Your website won’t be penalized for having different domain names as it’ll help you rank better and will help you attract more visitors.


If you buy different domain names on Avoori, then here’s what you should keep in mind: 

  • Each Avoori domain name is billed differently and individually depending on its value.
  • Every domain name you buy is renewed automatically on an annual basis and your card will be charged when the time comes.
  • Your domain name subscription is different from your website’s subscription. That means if your website is no longer active, your domain name will still be active.

Add domains to your site

Your domain name can redirect to your website using three different methods: 

You can add one domain a certain way, and another in another way depending on if you have already purchased it or not. If you already have a domain name purchased using a third-party, then we recommend your transfer it to Avoori as it’ll help us manage every aspect of your website and domain all in one place and provider the best customer experience.

Use domains without a site

You can always buy a domain name without building a website any time you want. That option comes with a parking page that serves as a place holder for your domain in case anyone visits it. 


If you already have a third-party purchased domain name that you want to park using Avoori, then you can transfer it so we take care of it.

Redirect a domain

If your website is redirected through different domain names and you no longer want that, then you’ll want to use one of these options: 

  • Create a website that the domain can redirect to.
  • Connect the domain to another website.
  • Cancel the domain.
  • Transfer the domain or sell it.


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