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Transferring a domain to Avoori before creating a site

If you have a domain name purchased on a third-party provider and want to move it to Avoori to get a parking page, then we’re more than happy to tell you that it’s possible. You can transfer your domain name to us and we’ll give you a parking page for it until you decide to build your own website. 

To do this, all you have to is create an account on Avoori and go to your domains, and adding the domain name you’ve bought through the third-party.

What to know before you start 

  • Before you transfer your domain name to us, we recommend that you’re the administrator who bought this domain name from another third party. This way your domain name can be transferred easily and without any hardships. You’ll also need the email address to approve this transfer to Avoori which is why we recommend you be the administrator.
  • You should know that changing your contact information for your domain can result in locking it or 60 days and block transferring it. That is why we recommend you don’t change your contact information or at least ask your domain name provider before you do.
  • For more frequently asked questions, we recommend you check our guide about domains.


Transferring your domain name to Avoori depends entirely on your domain provider. Some domain name providers take only one day to transfer, while some others can take up to 15 days to complete the transfer.

Pricing and billing

Transferring your own domain to Avoori is quite easy and doesn’t really cost anything unless you’re going to renew it: 

  • If you already paid for your domain name, then you can transfer it for free.  
  • You’ll do pay for a year of domain registration when transferring it and it’ll depend on how much your domain name costs. 
  • You’ll still keep the remaining time on your first purchase and the year extra when transferring your domain name.
  • Your domain name is set to auto-renewal on Avoori which means at the end of the extra year and remaining time from your first purchase, your domain name will be automatically renewed on Avoori.
  • Your domain name will include an SSL and a free WHOIS when transferring it to Avoori. 

Transfer requirements

Before transferring your domain name to Avoori, there are some things you should keep an eye on like making sure your website is eligible for transfer. Your website should meet our rules and if you’re not sure it meets them, then you can ask your current registrar. 

Here’s what you should check: 

  • We don’t support premium domains. 
  • Your domain’s TLD must be supported on our TLD list.
  • Your domain name must be active and not expired. You can’t transfer an expired domain name that is past due. Check with your provider to see if your domain name is eligible for transfer. 
  • Unlock your domain before you transfer it to Avoori.

Make sure your domain name meets these requirements before you connect it to your website or before you transfer it to Avoori.

Moving email records

If you’ve got an email address that’s linked to your domain name, then you’ll want to transfer it to Avoori as well when transferring your domain name. We recommend you transfer your MX records to Avoori in order to keep your email hosted with us.

Your MX records serve to keep your email hosted with your current email provider, that’s why it’s important to transfer them to Avoori when transferring your domain name.

In order to know the technical details, we recommend talking to your domain provider and contacting them about your email in order to know if it’s possible to transfer it. Some email providers might want your domain name to be hosted on their platform in order to keep your email active, which is why you need to contact them before you transfer your domain name. 

Transferring your domain name : Step #1 – Prepare your domain

In order to transfer your domain name to Avoori, you need to complete these following steps in order to make your domain name eligible for transfer: 

  • Check your contact information on your domain name provider like email address because all communications will be through your email address. 
  • Follow our and your provider’s steps in order to unlock your domain for transfer.
  • Get the authorization code or “EPP code” or “Transfer key” from your domain name provider. It might take your domain name a day or two to generate the code which is why it’s better to ask for it the moment you unlock your domain.  

Step #2 – Start the transfer

Here’s how you can transfer your domain name on Avoori: 

Option #1: If you’re new to Avoori 

  • Create your account by entering your name, email address and password. 
  • Go to your user dashboard, and go to domains.

avoori dashboard

  • Contact customer support for a ticket when it comes to domain transfer.
  • Connect your domain name by entering it.


  • Simply follow the prompts that supply you with the required DNS information you will need to input into the administration menu where you purchased your domain.
  • Wait for your domain name to be activated on Avoori  
  • On the Avoori user Portal, once you connected your own domain, you can check the status of the connection on the same line that lists your connected domain.
  • You can always connect it to any website you have on your user portal once you decide to start a website.

Step #3 – Manage your parking page 


When transferring your domain name, your parking page is automatically activated and you can access it to manage it. You can go to your domain page by : 

  • Visiting your domain name
  • Going to your user portal and clicking on the domain name you transferred 

You can access the parking page by entering your email address and password and manage it accordingly. 

You don’t have a lot of room when it comes to managing your parking page because it comes already customized and ready, you do have on the other hand a menu that will give you access to billing, DNS settings, and so on.

Next steps

If you’re new to Avoori, then you should know that a parking page is the closest thing to starting a website.

  • You can manage it, get used to the platform using it, and so much more. You’ll be able to learn your way around Avoori and be ready to start your own website. 
  • You can start a website and connect it to your domain name when you finally feel ready. 
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