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Transferring vs Connecting

Transferring and connecting your domain name are very different things even though they might seem like the same things. You’ll usually consider one of them when you purchase a domain name from a third-party provider and want to connect it to your Avoori website. Most of the time, we recommend our customer to transfer their domains so we can take care of any domain issues directly. If you don’t want that to be the case, then you can just connect your domain name to the website and let your original name provider take care of any technical issues.

Transferring a domain to Avoori (Recommended)

If you transfer your domain name to Avoori, then you’ll be able to manage your domain name and website all in one space. When you transfer your domain name from a third-party provider to Avoori, you’re giving us the possibility to manage it for you and solve any technical issues that arise. 


  • You’ll be able to manage your domain’s DNS and billing on Avoori 
  • Avoori will manage your domain name and will take care of any technical issues
  • Free SSL certificate 
  • Free WHOIS privacy 


  • Your domain name should be on our list of TLDs.
  • Your domain name must not be a premium domain.

Connecting a domain to Avoori

If you don’t want to transfer your domain name, or you’re unable to do it, then you can connect it to your website instead. This process is called “domain mapping” and it’ll help you use your domain name on your website by simply adjusting your DNS records and making them point to your Avoori website.


  • Your DNS settings will always be managed by your third-party domain provider and won’t be accessed through your Avoori website. 
  • You’ll need to set up your website independently on Avoori and then link it to your domain name on another company.
  • Your domain name provider must give you access to your domain’s DNS settings in order to able to connect it to your website.
  • Avoori might not be able to help you with technical issues. 

Should I transfer my domain or connect it?

The question most people ask is if it’s better to transfer their domain or connect it. Transferring is recommended by Avoori since we’ll be able to serve you better while connecting will makes you go between Avoori and your domain name provider in case any issue happens.

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