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Upgrading to a paid service on Avoori

Either during or at the end of your normal or extended trial, you’ll be asked to upgrade to a paid service. So, in order to learn more about how to upgrade to a paid service and what to do next, then just continue reading this guide.

Your website can be indexed on search engines even during the trial which is a feature that only exists on Avoori. But once you upgrade to a paid service, you’ll be able to preserve this indexing and help you rank better on search engines.

By upgrading to a paid service, you’ll be able to get access to more features and to more tools that will help you grow your website and bring more traffic. 

Tip: If you’ve already bought a paid service and want to access to more premium options and features, then you can upgrade to the enterprise plan or higher options by changing your billing plan.

What to do before you begin

  • If you have more than one website then make sure you’re logged into the correct one by double-checking the URL.
  • Once you upgrade to a business or online store plan, you’ll see that your website has more features and options which you can learn more about by checking this features list
  • After upgrading your website, you can change your billing plan whenever you want to. 
  • The website owner is usually the one who pays for the pricing plan but if you plan on selling your website then you can move its membership to the buyer


We have different pricing plans for website owners, and even for digital agencies which you can check:

The pricing plans usually are cheaper when paid on an annual basis which is why you might find that there is a difference in pricing when comparing the annual to the monthly plan.

avoori pricing plan

Accepted payment methods

We accept different payment methods for Avoori billing from credit cards to Paypal. If you ever face an issue then you can contact our customer service on our support page.

Accepted currencies

Avoori proudly supports all currencies and countries in the world. This means we accept payment from around the world in any currency.  The currency you choose at first will be used for payment and subscriptions from then on. 

How to upgrade your website- Step #1: Check your website 

Before you upgrade your website, make sure it’s the one you want to activate. This step is important for those who have multiple websites on Avoori that all exist under one account.

You can check the website and the URL once more before you choose to activate it. Go to your user profile after you’re sure of the website, go the list of websites you have under your account, and click on activate on the website you want.

Even if your website is expired or is still under a trial period, it’ll show an “activate” button that you can click on.

activate your website

Step #2: Upgrade

Click on “activate” that is under your website in order to be moved to the billing plan.

activate your website

Step #3: Choose your plan 

After clicking on “activate”, you’ll be moved to a billing page where you can choose the one you want. You’ll see all the available plans including their prices and even features so you can make the correct choice. 

You can check our guide on how to choose the right plan in order to understand how to choose the right plan if you’re still confused. 

  • Choose the right pricing plan in order to get access to premium features
  • Or go to our plans and pricing in order to learn more about each pricing plan 

activate your website

Step #4: Select a billing term

After choosing the right plan, you should then decide on which billing term you want: Either Annual or Monthly.

  • Annual: The annual plan means you’ll pay in advance for a year of Avoori service. Your credit card or payment option you choose will be billed by the annual price and will be billed each year on the same day. 
  • Monthly: The monthly plan helps pay in advance for your first month. The credit card will be automatically billed each month on the same day.

activate your website

Step #5: Enter billing information and subscribe

On your left, you’ll see that you’ll need to enter your payment details which are:

  • Full name, Credit card number, expiration, CVC – The information you enter including name and last four digits of your credit card will appear on your invoices on an annual or monthly basis based on the plan you choose.
  • Country, address, and postal code.

Click on “continue” in order to validate your purchase.

After you click on continue you’ll be asked to review the payment details: 

  • The amount that is due and that will be subtracted from your credit card.
  • Your next payment date so you can keep track of when you’ll pay again for your pricing plan.
  • An offer code field where you can enter a promo code if you have one
  • We set by default all sites to auto-renew, you can disable the option at any time.

Click confirm and purchase.

And that is everything you need to do in order to upgrade your website to a paid service and benefit from Premium options.

Now what? 

Now you’ve upgraded your website and you’re finally ready to take on the world, but before you go, here are some things you should know: 

  • Your website comes with a generated domain name that includes, make sure to connect your website to your domain name that you’ve bought in order to create a full-fledged website.
  • Once your website is upgraded, you can connect it to payment processors and start selling products if you’ve chosen an online store plan.
  • You can always review the billing information through your account by going to payments.
  • You can always change your pricing plan whenever you want to.

Premium features and the Personal plan

If you choose the personal or blog plan, then you might be surprised when you find that there are no premium features.

We estimate that pricing plans are for people who don’t need premium features therefore the lack of these on this plan. 

If you want premium features, then please upgrade to a business or online store one. Make sure to check our guide on how to choose the right pricing plan before you make a choice.

If you chose a personal plan and feel like you need premium features from there on, then you can change your pricing plan to something that suits your needs.

I upgraded the wrong site

If you’ve upgraded the wrong website then you can cancel the site and upgrade the correct website you want. You, unfortunately, can’t transfer a subscription from a website to another but follow these steps in order to upgrade the right one:

  • Find the right website you want to upgrade by checking it once, twice, and even three times straight.
  • Go to the website you’ve upgraded by fault and cancel it.
  • Go the trial website you want to upgrade and click on “activate”. 

Tip: If you want to get refunded for the pricing plan you canceled, then please contact our customer support to discuss this issue.

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