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Web hosting vs. Domain hosting

Web hosting and domain hosting are very different although they might seem the same. Each one has a different use, while web hosting enables people to create a website and create content on it, domain hosting provides users a domain name that will help other people and visitors access their website.

They’re related to each other, but one can go without the other, while the other can’t.

Web hosting

Website hosting is, put into simple terms, a digital space where you display your content or products. The content can be anything from texts, to images and videos that make your website what it is. The hosting provider gives you that space in exchange for a monthly or annual subscription so you can stay present online.

When building your website on Avoori, you’re giving Avoori the possibility to give you that space and give you everything you need to set it up. If you think of your website as a store, then think of Avoori as the owner of the store who gives you space, the stand, and all the elements and equipment you need to make your website successful which are speed, SSL certificate, security, SEO tools, and so on.

Domain hosting

A domain hosting provider gives you your website’s name. Your domain name is something like this “” which works as an address in this case that people can visit to find you. If you’re a store, then consider your domain name as your store’s location. 

Domain hosting providers give you the possibility to buy the address you like the most and registering it in your name to make it easy to host a website on it. There are a lot of domain providers out there and GoDaddy is one of them.

Avoori is also one of them, you can always buy a domain name from Avoori Domain and get a parking page while you get ready to create a website on our platform, or you can transfer your domain name to Avoori to make it easier to manage. 

How they’re both important

Both hosting are very important if you want to create your own website. You can choose to create your website on Avoori without buying a domain name but your website will have a generic name that has “” in it which doesn’t seem that professional.

On the other hand, you can always get your domain name to preserve it and not start a website. How? Avoori gives you a free parking page that shows that the domain is taken and that it’ll host a website soon. 


Having a domain name and not having a website seems more plausible and more acceptable than buying a web hosting and not buying your own unique domain name. And that is why one can go without the other, while the other can’t. 

On Avoori, you can get both hosting and manage them all at once on our platform to make it easier for you to manage your website. 

If you already have a domain name bought on another hosting provider, then please check our guide about transferring vs connecting to help you choose the right option for you when building a website on Avoori.

Paying for hosting

Once you start a trial website on Avoori, you’ll be able to upgrade to a paid plan, which if you’re still wondering how to choose the right one, then you can check our guide about it. The upgraded plan comes with web hosting but doesn’t come with domain hosting.

If you want domain hosting, then you’ll have to check Avoori domains and choose the one you like, you can check our guide on Avoori domains to learn more about this.

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