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Google says “This site may be hacked”

If you’ve been looking for your website on Google recently and came across a message below your website’s title and URL that says “this site may be hacked”, then we’ve created this guide for you in order to resolve this issue.

Why is this happening?


If you’re wondering why is this happening for you, then this section will explain it. Because Google keeps a close eye on what happens on your website, the moment it notices something suspicious, it could show that message.

Suspicious activities can include anything from adding content, to formatting content. The message doesn’t appear because your website is hacked, it appears because Google thought the activity is suspicious coming from you.

In order to understand more about this, you need to go to Google Search Console in order to figure out what triggered this message. The message could’ve been triggered by some content you’ve just added, so make sure to review the last changes you made to your website.

On Avoori, we use different ways in order to protect your website from hacking that range from our own special hosting to the SSL certificate on your website. All of these methods help secure your website and protect it from hackers. So, if this message shows up on Google, it’s less likely to be because of hackers.

Remove the message using Google Search Console

Step 1 – Verify your site

You first need to verify your website using Google Search Console.

Step 2 – Check for security issues

After logging into Google Search Console, go check the security issues section on it in order to see what triggered the message. With this, you can check if it’s been triggered by some recent changes and remove those changes.

Step 3 – Request a review

After you figure out the root of the problem and solve it, you can then request a review from Google. Once Google reviews it and everything looks good, then it will remove the message.

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