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Preventing Form and Newsletter Block spam

If you’re receiving a lot of spammy messages through your website’s site form and are getting tired of it, then this guide is for you. Although there is no sure way of how to block the spam messages you receive online, you can still reduce their number tremendously. 

Why is this happening?

There are a lot of spambots online that keep crawling the web in order to find new emails and new ways to share content that is unsolicited. Whether it’s through contact forms, forums, or email addresses that are shared online.

So, if you have a form block on your website that you have there to make it easier for your clients to contact you, then there’s a chance you’ll receive some spam emails.

Reduce spam using Google reCAPTCHA

There are a lot of ways to reduce spam but one of the most effective ones out there is to use Google reCAPTCHA. This tool helps you distinguish humans from bots which makes it impossible for spambots to spam you with unsolicited content. 

Google reCAPTCHA is a small box that asks visitors to verify they’re not a robot by clicking on a box or by selecting a number of images following some conditions. There are other ways Google reCAPTCHA uses to make sure you’re a human and not a bot. Those tasks can be impossible to complete for some spambots which means they won’t be able to complete the form and send you the email.

Google reCAPTCHA is available for all form blocks, pop-ups, and newsletter blocks on your website.


Reduce spam using a confirmation email

If you want to reduce spam emails from subscribing to your email address, then you can use Avoori newsletter or Mailchimp as your email provider. Choosing one of the two means your subscribers will receive a confirmation email before they’re added to the email list so they can confirm their subscription.  

The confirmation email is in your email newsletter settings and you can customize its content through settings. We recommend not turning it off as it will help reduce spam emails addresses subscriptions and will reduce spam emails as well.

Spambots can’t confirm their subscription through that email which is how you’ll make sure that only genuine people are subscribed. 

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