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Security tips for protecting your account

Here at Avoori, what we value most is our customer’s security. We’ve created this guide in order to help you protect your account better and make it more secure. Since we take your account’s security very seriously, we recommend you follow this guide thoroughly. 

Choose a strong password

If you’re choosing your first password for your Avoori website, then you need to choose a strong one. Easy passwords are easy to guess and can jeopardize your website’s security. An easy password makes your account on Avoori vulnerable, not only that, but it also compromises the security of any other account that has the same password.

So, in order to protect your account and other accounts, please follow these recommended practices: 

  • Change your password on a regular basis 
  • Your password needs to be a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols
  • Your password needs to be in-between 6 and 40 characters 
  • Use long phrases in your password instead of one word 
  • Use a different password for each account and for each service  
  • Use a password manager app in order to manage your passwords and in order to save them for you. The password manager app will make it easy for you to log in without having to remember your password
  • Use uppercase letters and lowercase letters in your password 
  • Use your social media account to log in

There are some practices that we don’t recommend for users out there which are: 

  • Use your name, birthday, or address as your password 
  • Use common words like Avoori o password as your password 
  • Use the same password for many services like your payment processor account or other providers like you name provider 
  • Use easy sequences in your password like AZERTY or 123
  • Use your email address as your password 
  • Disclose your email address on your website for customers to contact you. Always use an email form instead 
  • Send your login information through email 
  • Send your login information or any other sensitive information just because the email says it’s from a company and it has the logo and the name of the said company 

Change your password regularly

It’s important to change your password and update it very regularly. You can change your password once every three months and save it using a password manager.

It’s also important to not use passwords you’ve already used in the past as they may compromise your website’s security.


Don’t share your password

A lot of times users would compromise their website’s security by sharing their passwords with other people. Even if you trust the person and can trust them with your password, you shouldn’t share it. Instead of giving access to your account to other people, you can give them access using the contributor option. The contributor option is there in order to make it easier for you to share your website with other people you trust without sharing the password of your account.

Add extra protection with two-factor authentication

It’s important to use the two-factor authentication whenever you can. Two-factor authentication helps protect your website and helps it become more secure. Whether you’re using Avoori, a domain provider, an email service, or any other service, it’s important to use two-factor authentication. 

If you can’t use two-factor authentication for all services, then at least use it for services that are attached to Avoori. You’ve got payment processor accounts, email accounts, bank accounts, and social media accounts in order to protect yourself.

Avoid phishing scams

Phishing scams are one of the most used methods in order to gain access to the personal information of other people. Phishing scams use phishing emails that impersonate other companies in which you’re a customer like Avoori for example in order to trick you into sharing your personal information.

If you believe that you have received a “fishy” and suspicious email that looks like it’s from Avoori or from any other company that allegedly claims they’re associated with us, then don’t click on the links.  These emails are sent in order to trick you into answering them, into downloading their documents, or into clicking their links.

Here are signs to look for in order to determine if the email is a phishing scam:

  • The email is written in an urgent tone asking for you to quickly make an action
  • The email is requesting private information or is asking you to share your password 
  • The email address used is a fake one 
  • The links they have don’t lead to 

If the email has all or some of these signs, then make sure to not download anything or click on any link. If you did, then make sure to change your password immediately and any other account that has the same password. 

Keep your eyes on your bank account for any unauthorized transactions and make sure to report that email address to your email provider.

Remove unused contributors

If you have a lot of contributors and notice that some of them are no longer active or no longer need to access your website, then make sure to remove them. Having a lot of contributors compromises your website’s security which is why you need to remove the ones that are inactive.

If one of your contributors’ accounts is compromised then it’ll compromise your website as well so make sure to disconnect them from your website before that happens.


Force devices and apps to log out

If you believe that there are some other people that have access to your account and logged in to without permission, then you can force them all to log out. If you’ve lost your device or logged in to your account on a public computer, then this would help you protect your account by disconnecting everyone. 

This action will end your session as well so you’ll have to re-enter your password and log in again.

Keep your browser and operating system up to date

Your operating system on your website is as important as your password. If you’re using Windows for example and use Windows 7, then that means your data and information is compromised. So, make sure to use the latest operating system and keep it up to date next to your browser.

Using the latest versions means you’ll stay up-to-date with all the latest security features and will be able to protect your password including Avoori’s.

Keep your antivirus software up to date

Another thing to consider in order to secure your account better is your antivirus software. Your antivirus software will help you against malicious programs or viruses that can make their way into your laptop and that can compromise your personal information or data. 

So, make sure to always update your antivirus software by setting it up to update automatically without your help.

Report vulnerabilities

If you notice any vulnerabilities on our platform that can compromise your website’s security, then make sure to report them to our customer support. We have security and engineering teams that are up 24/7 in order to monitor Avoori’s security and make sure every customer is protected. 

These are our tips in order to protect your website. 

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