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Image Compression at Avoori Just Made Easier, Faster & More Professional

At Avoori, we redefine the meaning of a good image. For us, it is no more just the aesthetic aspect of an image or for how beautiful looking it is. We also take into consideration the file size & file extension for qualifying any image as a great one.

We have set the standards high, to help you bring the best image experience using Avoori.

Images Uploaded to Avoori

Our priority is to maintain the image quality at the minimum file size. So your web pages load quickly and provide a better user experience.

When you upload images using Avoori, our system detects the file extension and performs a set of technical measures to bring out the best quality at the minimum file size.

An image with a file-size of over 6MB can be reduced up to only 100-200KB approximately. That’s how powerful image compression is on Avoori!

Powerful Image Editing

The images can be edited to suit your needs. Each image can individually be edited via Media Library through Edit Media page.

For any sort of image rotation, cropping and resizing, this would be your go-to tool for the job.

Editing Images with The Page Designer

Page Designer makes advanced image editing possible. From changing an image hue & saturation color or to create a unique color blend, all of it is possible using the Page Designer.

The process is simple; you start with adding an image module to a page, uploading the image and browsing over the filters section under the image settings. The slider controls are provided to transform any image into an artwork.

You can also work with backgrounds, to have an overlay gradient and other special effects to make your images shine.

All the Image Processing is Done in the Background

You no longer need to concern yourself with image processing. Every time you upload an image to your Avoori website, the image gets compressed and its format is changed according to the internal formatting of the image itself. So for example, our system will automatically convert a PNG file that doesn’t have any transparency to a JPG file, to make sure your website loads faster and smoothly on any device with any image resolution.

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