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Getting Started to Create Your First Membership Website

To start with a membership website on Avoori, you’ll first have to create a website, and it’s really quite easy.

The first step is to head to the homepage of Avoori, go to the top right, and click on “get started”. The free trial is 14-day long and it’ll help you get a grasp of Avoori and understand the concept. After clicking on “get started”, you’ll be taken to a form that you have to fill out with your information. For more details check our guide on how to start a free trial website on Avoori.

After starting a website, all you have to do is choose a template. There are different templates for all kinds of businesses and websites whether you’re a simple blog or an online store. After doing so, you can start customizing your website with the page designer and set it up the way you like. If you want to get into the details, then check our guide on how to customize your website.

When starting your website, you might notice that your website has a generated name like, so, make sure to either purchase a name from Avoori in order to link your website to it or link your Avoori website to a name you already have. To understand this process, check our guide on starting with a new domain

After your trial is over, you’ll have to fill in your credit card information and pay for your website. In order to benefit from the subscription & membership option, you’ll have to either choose the business or online store plan. After choosing your plan, all you have to do is choose whether you want to pay on a monthly basis or on an annual basis, although the annual basis is cheaper, the choice is mainly up to you.

To start with a membership website first go to products> and click on “add new”. Memberships are not considered products, but, since they’ll be tied to products on your website, we’ll have to create them by following these steps in order to grant people access without any complications and any struggling.

First, create a new product called “membership” like this: 


Choose either simple subscription or variable subscription depending on what you want your membership to be like.


Then, start customizing the price of the subscription, how long it lasts, when it expires, and so on in order to decide what your membership will be like. 

After doing so and customizing the membership data to your liking, go to membership. A window like this should appear.


Check the first box in order to give those who purchase the membership access to it, and choose whether you want the membership to be canceled or not when the buyer’s order is on hold or is canceled.

After customizing all of this, click on published in order to publish your membership on your website.


On the front end, your membership will look a bit like this depending on how you customize it and on which landing page your put it.

You can customize it further depending on your liking.

After clicking on subscribe now, the user will be taken to this page to confirm their purchase.


Once that is done, they’ll be moved to another page where they should fill out the billing information and where they’ll finally sign up.


After that, the user can check out their membership option on their account dashboard which will look like this:



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