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Adding Products & Blog Posts To The Membership

Now, to the real question. How can you add products & blog posts to your membership? First, you have to create the products you want to include on your membership. 

You can include anything from physical products to virtual ones, you can even offer blog posts. All you have to do is go to products> add new one > create the ones you want.

Now, go to your right under product grids where you’ll find memberships.


If you want to include the product in the membership then you only have to tick the box. Once you do it, the product will be associated with the membership and won’t appear to other users unless they subscribe.


On the front-end, users who are not subscribed won’t be able to perceive the product just like shown in the image.

For blog posts, go to posts > add new > create the posts you want. There isn’t much to do on posts except SEO, so, once you do that go to your right under tags where you’ll find the same membership option.

Tick the box and that’s about it.


Now, this blog posts won’t appear for normal users either unless they purchase your membership.

And that is how you can add products & blog posts to your membership.

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