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Godaddy to Avoori- Migrating and Content Transfer

If you already have a domain or a website in which you use GoDaddy to host and are no longer interested in their service or by what they offer and want to change, then Avoori is here to help you out. You can use Avoori to create a new website, have your own domain, and have a mobile-friendly website in a matter of no-time.

This guide will show you how to switch from GoDaddy to Avoori without it impacting your SEO.

What you can move

  • Website content- If you’ve already created a website using GoDaddy’s website builder and want to move it to Avoori to redesign it, then that means you’ll have to start from scratch. GoDaddy doesn’t make it possible to import your website’s content from them in order to import it to another website builder.
  • Domains- It’s possible to transfer a domain name purchased from GoDaddy to another domain provider on the other hand. You can transfer from one domain to multiple ones whether they’re connected to a website, parked, or on hold.

Get to know Avoori

Before you move your website or domain name to Avoori and start building, we first recommend you take a few hours of your time to read about Avoori, the concept, and how the platform overall works. 

We have a list of getting starting guides that you can read in order to understand how the platform works and you can also contact the customer support in case you need any help.

Transfer a parked GoDaddy domain

If you’ve already bought a domain name using GoDaddy which you now want to transfer to Avoori, then you can check our guide on how to transfer a domain name to Avoori and then use our parking page to making a parked domain.

Move a GoDaddy site and domain

If you already have a website on GoDaddy or a domain name already connected to a website on their platform, then continue reading this section to get the help you need.

Step 1 – Build your site

Since it’s not possible to move your website’s content from GoDaddy and import them to Avoori, the only choice you have is to recreate your website from A to Z on Avoori using one of our templates and following these steps.

  1. Sign up to Avoori by creating an account. After creating an account, follow the steps in order to start your 14-day free trial website. You can start the trial website as soon as you create your account without entering any credit card information or anything too personal. 
  2. After starting your trial website, you’ll be moved to the template page where you can start choosing one of the many templates there. You can either choose them based on the industry or kind of website you need, or, by simply trying out some of them and choosing the one you like best.
  3. Start customizing your website. There are many things you can start doing the moment you choose a template like adding pages or customizing your pages’ content and style. You can start uploading content, adding content blocks, moving content, and so many other things. Your website is yours to customize and recreate as you deem fit.

Note: If you’re going to start copying and pasting content from GoDaddy, make sure that you do so without bringing the HTML tags with your content. This can interfere with your text’s style and make it harder to customize.

Step 2 – Transfer your domain

Once you finish customizing your website on Avoori and deem it fit to be published, then you can transfer your domain name to Avoori. Transferring your domain name to Avoori means you’ll have full control over every aspect of your website without any issues or any problem.

If you don’t want to transfer it, have problems transferring it, or don’t meet our transfer requirements, then you can always just connect it to your Avoori website instead. If you no longer like that domain name on the other hand and want to change it, then you can register a new domain name using Avoori and connect it to the website you just finished recreating. 

Step 3 – Maintain your SEO

All of Avoori’s websites are optimized for search engines and are created and coded in a way that makes it possible for search engines to understand their content and makes it possible to index them easily. You can learn more about what Avoori does for your SEO by reading our guide here

Moving your website from GoDaddy to Avoori can affect your Search engine ranking at first especially if some of your URLs change and if your backlinks still redirect to some of your old URLs. You can always work on your backlinks and have them redirect to your new URL this way you can quickly regain your website’s ranking.

Step 4 – Upgrade to paid service

After trying out the platform for a few days or even up to 14 days, it’ll be time to upgrade to a paid service. You can take your whole 14 days to explore the platform or even demand an extended trial if you feel like there are still other things you want to learn about Avoori. 

After the trial or the extended trial end, it’ll be time to upgrade to a paid service if you don’t want to lose your progress.

Step 5 – Cancel service with GoDaddy

If you’ve already transferred your domain name to Avoori and started recreating your website using our platform, then you no longer need your old website and can let it go. You can cancel your services with GoDaddy, and your website will be deleted by doing so. 

But, if you haven’t transferred your domain name to Avoori and have left it owned by GoDaddy and have simply connected it to an Avoori website, then you need to preserve your services with GoDaddy. 

You can always transfer your domain name to Avoori in order to cancel your services with GoDaddy.


Is there a free version of Avoori? 

Besides our free trial of 14 days, Avoori doesn’t offer any other free version. We have three pricing plans ranging from personal use to professional use that you can choose from.

I can’t find a design for my business.

If you’ve checked all of our templates and haven’t liked any of them, then remember they don’t have to be exactly like you want them to be. You can always customize them according to what you want in terms of colors, fonts, content blocks, and so on. You can use the page designer to basically customize anything. 

Can I have multiple people work on my site?

You can have multiple people work on your website which we call contributors. You can add contributors to your website and even give different permissions to them depending on the kind of responsibility you want them to have.

Can I remove “Powered by Avoori”?

Yes. Powered by Avoori comes by default in all of our templates and you can remove it or keep it depending on what you want.

Do I need to optimize my site for mobile?

All of our templates are mobile-friendly and can adapt to any device’s size. This means you don’t have to optimize your website for any mobile device, but you can still optimize how your texts and images look in order for them to look at their best version.

Can someone rebuild my site on Avoori for me? 

You can hire designers online or web developers and give them access to your website as collaborators in order for them to rebuild your website. 

More answers

If you still have other questions that haven’t been answered in this short FAQ, then you can always check our Avoori FAQ guide to have them answered.

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