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Shopify to Avoori – Migrate and Export/Import Products For Small Stores – Under 50 Products

If you would like to move your website from the Shopify eCommerce platform to Avoori Online Store, there are great options to do it. This guide is for smaller store with up to 50 products. If you have a large store with over 50 products, please refer to our other Shopify migration article: Shopify to Avoori – Migrate and Export/Import Products For Large Stores – Over 50 Products.

You can add your products manually and customize them however you prefer. However, doing so for many products, this option might not be feasible. To upload your products in bulk, the simplest way is to map a CVS file that you can export directly from Shopify and import it to your Avoori website. If you have product variations or many images assigned to each product, its recommended to refer to the second article which explains how to migrate larger Shopify stores. With the large site migration, the Avoori platform will upload your images automatically to your media library and allow you to add product variations.

Map a CVS File from Shopify

Export your products from Shopify using a CVS file.

Head to your Shopify account and on the admin panel click on Products-> Export. Then choose the products you want to export: the current page of products, all products, the selected products or the current filters or search. Select the CVS file for Excel and click on Export Products. You will receive an email with a download link to your CVS file.

Add your images to the CVS file.

This option doesn’t allow to automatically export your images from Shopify and import to Avoori. You can, however, edit your CVS file and add the image names. Your CVS file can look something like this:

To end up with a good CVS file you should make sure that:

  • Each Product is added on a new row.
  • The first row includes the column headers since this will allow the plugin to map the fields correctly.
  • Attributes and Images columns support multiple items. Separate them with the “|” character.

Copy the images to your media library.

It’s time to import your images to your media library, keeping their names as in the CVS file. Learn how to copy images to the media library here.

Import the CVS file to Avoori.

Finally, it’s time to get your products to your Avoori website. Go to the menu and click on Tools-> Import. Pick the Shopify button, upload the CVS file and click on Upload file and import.

Map the columns.

When the upload of the file is over, you have to map your columns by selecting the fields of your CVS file that you want to connect to product field. Use the dropdown menus to adjust fields or choose not to import. When you are done click on Run Importer button and, once completed, you will get a success message.

Once the import process completes, all your shopify products would be imported to your Avoori website.

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