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Squarespace to Avoori – Migration and Content Transfer

Moving your contents from Squarespace to Avoori is easier than you think, by using the export and import tools you can send your contents from one website to another.

Start by setting up your Avoori website, checking the quick starting guides to learn how. Then, just follow this guide to learn how to move your contents.

1. Export Your Website Content from Squarespace

After your Avoori website is set up, you should get to the process of exporting your Squarespace contents.

Squarespace only allows exporting automatically a fraction of the contents. Some will need to be exported manually, using copy-paste. You may refer to the table below for more information:

Automatically exported content Not exported
Pages Product, Album, and Event pages
Blog page (only one is exported) Audio, Video, and Product blocks
Blog posts Style changes and custom CSS
Gallery pages Index pages and folders
Text, Images, and embed blocks Additional blog pages


To create your export file head to your Squarespace account and go to Settings-> Advanced-> Import/Export.

Then, click on the export button.

You will get the following pop-up. Select the WordPress button. If you have products data on your website, you can download a .cvs file separately, by clicking on the other button.

Once the exporting process is complete, you will get a download button. Click on it to save the exported content to your computer.

2. Import Your Content into Your Avoori Website

Now that you finished exporting, the next step is to import your file to Avoori. Go to Tools-> Import on your menu and select the Squarespace option.

Choose the export.xml file you extracted earlier. Press the Upload file and import button to import your file.

Assign an author.

A screen asking you to assign authors will appear. You can import an author from the Squarespace site that will be added to your Avoori website, you also have the option to create a new author or assign the content to an existing Avoori user on your website.

Click on the Submit button to import the contents. When it’s done a success message will appear. You may visit your pages to check if everything was successfully imported.

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