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Weebly to Avoori – Migration and Content Transfer

Do you want to move your contents from Weebly to Avoori? It might sound like a hard task but it’s actually quite simple. This article shows you how to properly move the contents of your in a few easy to do steps.

Of course, step zero is to create your Avoori website. You can check the quick starting guides to learn how to do it.

1. Export Your Content from Weebly

To start you will need to export your data from Weebly to a file format that will be compatible with your Avoori website. In this case, it will be in a WordPress suitable import format.

This free online tool (https://weeblytowp.com/) allows you to do just that. Enter your Weebly website URL, your name, email address, and select an export format. WXR is a good option, as it imports all content, comments, and categories, whilst RSS will not import the comments.

Keep the “Yes” box checked for whether you want to export pages unless you don’t want them to be exported.

Now click on the Export my Weebly Website button. When the export file is generated right-click on the button and “save link as”. An export.xml file will be downloaded to your computer.

2. Import Your Content into Avoori

Once you finish exporting, it is time to import your file to Avoori. Go to Tools-> Import on your menu. There, it will appear a Weebly option.

Select it to go to the importer page, choose the export.xml file you extracted earlier. Click on Upload file and import. Your file will be imported.

Assign an author.

A screen asking you to assign authors will appear. You can import an author from the Weebly site, create a new author or assign the content to an already existing Avoori user.

Download and import file attachments.

Check this box to fetch media from Weebly to your media library.


Finally, click on the Submit button to import the contents. When it’s done a message will show up. You can go through your pages and media to make sure everything was successfully imported. If something failed to be moved, you can run the import process again since all duplicate content will be skipped.

3. Redirects

Using a custom domain.

If you were using a custom domain on Weebly, you need to redirect it to Avoori.

To do so, log in to your Weebly account and, on the Domains page, and on domain settings select the button next to nameservers option. On the next screen enter your Avoori’s host’s nameserver and save your settings.

Once this change propagates across the internet, your visitors will be redirected to your new website.

Using a subdomain URL.

If you were using a Weebly subdomain, login to your Weebly dashboard, go to settings and select the SEO tab.

Inside the Header Coder box enter the following line of code but replacing “yourdomain.com” with your new website’s domain:

<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0; url=http://www.yourdomain.com/”>

Save and publish your changes.

That’s all! Now you are fully migrated to Avoori.

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