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Wix to Avoori – Migration and Content Transfer

If you’ve already created your website using Wix and want to change platforms, then you should know that moving platforms are a big step which will create a big change as well. Choosing Avoori as your new platform honors us and we’re here to explain through this article everything you’ll need to know before actually moving to Avoori. 

This guide will show you the whole process, the differences between Wix and Avoori, and how all of this can affect your SEO.

When to cancel your old site

If you’re already contemplating starting your new Avoori website and are thinking about canceling your old website, then we recommend waiting until you finish your new website and it goes live before doing it. 

Deleting your old website before creating a new one that visitors can visit can affect your SEO and your rank as well which is why it’s important to keep your old one until new the one is live for a smooth transition and for less SEO damage. 

After finishing your new website, you can then cancel your services with Wix, website-wise, and domain-wise by transferring your domain name to Avoori and have everything managed all in once place.

How switching affects SEO

Although Avoori is a platform that is mobile-friendly and that takes into account a lot of search engine optimization factors, moving platforms is always a big step and will still make a dip when it comes to your website’s traffic. 

Switching websites can affect your URLs which can affect your backlinks as well. This is why it can affect your SEO in the short term, but, if you keep track of your links, fix the underlying issues, and make your backlinks redirect to your new URLs, your traffic will go back to how it was.

Step 1 – Get to know Avoori

As honored as we are for you considering us, you first need to get to know what Avoori is. Our platform is made for beginners and professionals alike which is why you’ll quickly get accustomed to within a few days of use. 

You can learn about Avoori by going to our support page and getting access to our getting started guides.

Step 2 – Build your site

The first step is to create your new Avoori website. You can do it by following the quick starting guides to learn how.

Export RSS Feed from Wix

Export the RSS feed.

Let’s start by migrating your Wix blog posts to Avoori. You don’t need to copy posts by post. Instead, you can use the RSS feed to automate the process.

To do so, you need to download your RSS file from Wix. You can find this file by adding /feed.xml to your Wix website URL. If you have a custom domain, your RSS feed will be at www.yoursite.com/feed.xml, if you don’t you will find it at yourusername.wixsite.com/yourblogname/feed.xml.

Navigate there and you will find a page with code. Right-click on any place and select Save As to save it to your computer.

Import to Avoori

Import the RSS file to Avoori.

Now, the second part is to import it to Avoori. Go to Tools-> Import. Choose the Wix button.

Upload the file and click on the Upload file and import button.

When it’s finished you will get a success message. Go to your posts to check if they were all successfully imported.

Import Pages

To import pages from Wix there isn’t, unfortunately, an automated way to do it, so they have to be manually imported.

Go to your menu and click on Pages-> Add New. Type the title of the page and then, with the help of the Page Designer, paste the content of your old Wix page and style it to your taste. Don’t forget to Publish your page when you are done.

Use the different modules of the page designer to convert the content into the right format. For instance, if you had a contact form page on Wix, you can use the Contact Form module to help you switch it to Avoori.

Create a Navigational Menu

Now that your website contents are placed in your Avoori website, you need to ensure that your visitors can navigate through your website pages. Check the Appearance-> Menus screen to add new pages to your menu. Learn more about how to add and edit a menu with the quick start guide that you can find here.

That’s it! Now your new website is ready.

Step 3 – Upgrade to paid service

After moving your website’s content to Avoori and trying out the platform for 14 days or 28 days depending on if you chose the trial or extended trial, then it’s time to upgrade your service by choosing one of our three pricing plans.

Not upgrading to a paid service could meet losing your progress and what you’ve worked for during the trial which is why you need to upgrade as soon as the trial ends.

Note: You can still upgrade to a paid service even during the trial and you can still enjoy your free trial days without them being taken from you.

Step 4 – Move your domain

To complete the transition and to manage all of your websites in one place, we suggest moving your domain name to Avoori. Transferring your domain name can help you minimize the impact of the overall transition when it comes to SEO and will also help you manage everything in once place without any struggle. 

If you don’t want to transfer your domain name to Avoori, then you can simply connect it to your Avoori website even if it’s still owned by Wix. This step is rather easy and is quite easy to handle, all you have to do is check our connect your domain guide to understand the basics of it.

If you don’t know what the difference between connecting and transferring is, then check our guide about it as well.

If you neither want to transfer it nor connect it, then you can simply buy a new domain name using Avoori domains and connect it to your new website, this means you’ll start fresh with a new domain, won’t have any dip in traffic, and can start building backlinks from scratch or redirecting them to your new domain.

Note: After transferring your domain name to Avoori, you’ll then need to work on your new URLs in order to create a redirect for your old ones. 

Step 5 – Cancel service with Wix

If you’re done creating your new website, and have connected to a new domain name and made it go live, then you can cancel your services with Wix. If you haven’t finished your new website on the other hand, still haven’t transferred your domain name, and still haven’t made the website live yet, then don’t cancel your services with Wix.

If you haven’t transferred your domain name and opted for connecting it instead, then don’t cancel your services with Wix as they’ll be the one managing your domain name and will need their services.

Key differences 

Optimize for mobile

You don’t have to do anything beyond choosing a template for your website to be mobile-friendly. Our templates are made to look great in any display size and won’t need any extra effort from you to look great.

Change of templates

You can always change your template when you deem it fit and customize your website again from scratch if you feel like it on the contrary of Wix. 

Avoori gives you the freedom to choose templates, customize them, and change them until you find the right one for you.

Collaborate with contributors

You can add collaborators and contributors to your website using Avoori by creating different permissions and roles depending on what each collaborator has as a responsibility.

Customize with code

You can always go beyond simply working with the page designer or our tools and actually work with code just like you would do on WordPress. If you know what coding is and are comfortable coding, then you can make custom changes using code blocks,  CSS, and even code injections.

Avoori is WordPress-powered and it gives you the same freedom when it comes to customizing as WordPress does.

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