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WordPress.com to Avoori – Migration and Content Transfer

Migrating your website contents from WordPress.com to Avoori you will have to perform some really simple actions. This guide goes through them, explaining everything in a simple way that should make the process pretty easy.

The first step is to create your new Avoori website. You can do it by following the quick starting guides to learn how.

1. Export Your Content from WordPress.com

Go to your WordPress.com website settings and on the menu click on Site Tools-> Export. Choose to export all content and click on the Download Export File option. An XML file will be created and you should save it to your computer.

You can decide if you want to extract all the website contents, by clicking on the Export All button, or if you prefer to pick specific content to export, using the available filters, and clicking on Export Selected Content.

When it’s finished a download button will appear. Click on it and save the file to your computer.

2. Import Contents into Your Avoori Website

Now you should import your file to your Avoori website. Go to Tools-> Import on your menu and scroll to the WordPress.com option.

Upload the file and import.

Upload the file you extracted earlier. Press the Upload file and import button to import your file.

Assign the contents.

A screen asking you to assign content authors will appear. You can import an author from WordPress.com that will be added to your Avoori website, create a new author or assign the content to an Avoori user.

Click on the Submit button to import the contents.

3. Move the Media Library

If you chose to separately export the media files from your WordPress.com media library, go to My Site-> Settings-> Export. In Export Media Library click on the Download button. A .tar file will be downloaded to your computer which you should unpack to get your images.

Now you can head to the media library on your website and upload these files.

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