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WordPress.com to Avoori – Migration and Content Transfer

WordPress is the most common CMS out there used for creating websites, and although a lot of people like it, a lot of other people can’t get used to the platform and can’t seem to understand it. If you’re one of those people and have come across Avoori and chose us as your website builder, then we’re honored. We love that you chose Avoori amongst other website builders for this migration, which is why we’ve created this guide for you.

We’ve made sure that this guide is as easy as possible in order for you to migrate from WordPress to Avoori in a seamless way and without any complications. 

When to cancel your old site

Canceling your WordPress website seems like it’s the first step on this guide, but it’s actually the last one. Avoori does not recommend canceling your old website as the first thing to do after you decide to migrate to our platform for the complications that it can create. 

We recommend preserving your old website until you create the new one with Avoori, finish it, and make it go live. You can cancel your old website after your new one goes live this way visitors will have another website to check until the new one is live and is ready for them.

The moment your finish customizing your new website, you can connect your domain name to it and have visitors going to it instead.

How switching affects SEO

Switching to a new website builder can affect your SEO in the short term. It’s normal to see a dip in your traffic in the first weeks or even the first month as you’ll still have a lot of things to manage on your website and a lot of URLs to redirect. 

Whether you choose Avoori or any other website builder for this, the SEO dip will happen as it’s a normal part of any migration and transition. There are some things that you can do in order to reduce this dip and this effect on search engines but, the dip is bound to happen.

We’ve created a special guide just for you in order to help with your SEO dip which you can check right here. If you follow these tips that we’ve included in our guide, then you can reduce the effect of switching platforms have tremendously.

Step 1 – Start a trial

To start with an Avoori website you first have to sign up for a 14-day free trial which will give you access to all of our features including the ones that exist on the online store plan for free. You can try out the platform initially for 14 days, and if you feel like that isn’t enough, you can ask for another 14 days in order to extend the trial.

We always suggest that before starting out with Avoori, you first need to learn about our platform more in order to determine if it’s the right fit for you or not. You can do so by checking our FAQ section where we answer your most commonly asked questions that will help you understand Avoori better. 

Our platform is made for professionals as well as beginners, you can start creating the website of your dreams the moment you sign up to Avoori. 

First, create an account and fill out the form with your information, you’ll be then taken to choose a template from our selection. There are almost templates for everything and for every industry but you can always choose the one you like and then change it according to your industry’s standards. 

Step 2 – Add your branding

After choosing your own template, it’s then important to customize your website according to your brand’s identity and make it work for you. 

You need to start by adding your website’s title, your site’s description, adding your logo, and finally your social media accounts via social media icons in order to make it easier for people to find you and to connect with you outside your website.

Your website should have your band’s identity when it comes to colors, fonts, and even your brand’s voice.

Step 3 – Import old content

If you don’t feel like starting your website from scratch, then you can always import a lot of content to your website in order to make it easier for you to build your website on Avoori without having to start over.

Here’s what you can import from WordPress to Avoori:

  • Pages 
  • Blog posts 
  • Authors
  • Comments 
  • Attachments
  • Tags 
  • Categories
  • Images 

Here’s what you can’t import to Avoori via WordPress:

  • Image captions 
  • Gallery images 
  • CSS or any other code injection that can hinder the use of the page designer on Avoori
  • Content that is created using plugins 

Even if some content doesn’t get imported, it’s always possible to recreate it on Avoori.  

Here’s how to import content from WordPress.

The first step is to create your new Avoori website. You can do it by following the quick starting guides to learn how.

1. Export Your Content from WordPress.com

Go to your WordPress.com website settings and on the menu click on Site Tools-> Export. Choose to export all content and click on the Download Export File option. An XML file will be created and you should save it to your computer.

You can decide if you want to extract all the website contents, by clicking on the Export All button, or if you prefer to pick specific content to export, using the available filters, and clicking on Export Selected Content.

When it’s finished a download button will appear. Click on it and save the file to your computer.

2. Import Contents into Your Avoori Website

Now you should import your file to your Avoori website. Go to Tools-> Import on your menu and scroll to the WordPress.com option.

Upload the file and import.

Upload the file you extracted earlier. Press the Upload file and import button to import your file.

Assign the contents.

A screen asking you to assign content authors will appear. You can import an author from WordPress.com that will be added to your Avoori website, create a new author or assign the content to an Avoori user.

Click on the Submit button to import the contents.

3. Move the Media Library

If you chose to separately export the media files from your WordPress.com media library, go to My Site-> Settings-> Export. In Export Media Library click on the Download button. A .tar file will be downloaded to your computer which you should unpack to get your images.

Now you can head to the media library on your website and upload these files.

Step 4 – Add more content

After importing your content to Avoori, you might feel like adding more content or feel like restructuring your website for a new look. Whatever you choose, it’s always possible with Avoori. 

In the main menu, you can choose whether or not to add more pages to what you already have, more blog posts, more products, or even just change the navigation menu using the theme customizer.

You’ve got complete ownership on your website and you can decide which content to keep, which ones to remove, and which one to restructure using your page designer, main menu, or theme customizer. 

Step 5 – Style your site

After you finish restructuring your website and adding content to it, it’s time to style your website the way you want it to be styled. You have to make changes to your website via the theme customizer by editing your website’s fonts, background, padding, spacing, colors, and everything that makes your website yours. 

Everything that makes it more similar to your brand is a part of your website’s style and should be important to you.

Step 6 – Upgrade to paid service

After moving your website’s content to Avoori and trying out the platform for 14 days or 28 days depending on if you chose the trial or extended trial, then it’s time to upgrade your service by choosing one of our three pricing plans.

Not upgrading to a paid service could meet losing your progress and what you’ve worked for during the trial which is why you need to upgrade as soon as the trial ends.

Note: You can still upgrade to a paid service even during the trial and you can still enjoy your free trial days without them being taken from you.

Step 7 – Move your domain

To complete the transition and to manage all of your websites in one place, we suggest moving your domain name to Avoori. Transferring your domain name can help you minimize the impact of the overall transition when it comes to SEO and will also help you manage everything in once place without any struggle. 

If you don’t want to transfer your domain name to Avoori, then you can simply connect it to your Avoori website even if it’s still owned by Wix. This step is rather easy and is quite easy to handle, all you have to do is check our connect your domain guide to understand the basics of it.

If you don’t know what the difference between connecting and transferring is, then check our guide about it as well.

If you neither want to transfer it nor connect it, then you can simply buy a new domain name using Avoori domains and connect it to your new website, this means you’ll start fresh with a new domain, won’t have any dip in traffic, and can start building backlinks from scratch or redirecting them to your new domain.

Note: After transferring your domain name to Avoori, you’ll then need to work on your new URLs in order to create a redirect for your old ones. 

Step 8 – Set up 301 redirects (optional)

After you move your website to Avoori, it’s recommended to set up 301 redirects for SEO purposes and to help your visitors quickly find what they’re looking for.

WordPress uses different formatting than Avoori which is why you need to set up some redirects for all links that have changed structure in order to visitors to find your new web site’s content without looking for it for longer periods of time and without encountering 404 pages.

Step 10 – Cancel service with WordPress

After you’re done customizing your website, creating new content, transferring or connecting your domain name to your Avoori website, setting up 301 redirects, and so on, it’s time to finally look at your subscription on WordPress.

If you have transferred your domain name to Avoori then you can cancel all of your services with WordPress or any other hosts you’re using for your website.

But, if you have only connected your domain name to Avoori, then you need to preserve that subscription as it’s the reason why your domain name is still active.


Is there a free version of Avoori?

Avoori doesn’t have any free version, we have three pricing plans ranging from personal to professional where each one comes with a 14-day free trial where you can try out the platform.

What is Avoori?

Avoori is a website builder and an all-in-one content management system where you can create your website and manage it from A to Z all on the same platform.

Will my plugins work on Avoori?

No, all of your WordPress plugins will not work on Avoori as they are exclusive to WordPress only. You can on the other hand try out our built-in features and tools in order to help you manage your website easily and without any struggle.

Will I have to install new versions of Avoori?

You never have to worry about updating your website to the newest version on Avoori as updating and automation is our job and we’ll be the one taking care of it.

Who will be my host when I move to Avoori?

Your host when you move to Avoori will be Avoori. Your website will be hosted on our system using our technology and will be under Avoori’s management. If you ever buy or transfer your domain to Avoori as well, then it’ll also be hosted by Avoori. 

I can’t find a design for my business.

Although templates are divided by industry and by the kind of websites you want to create, you can always choose a template from another industry and then customize it so it can turn into something you like and that fits your business.

You don’t have to choose a template that’s under your industry section, you can always try out different ones until you find one that you like.

Do I need to optimize my site for mobile?

No, you don’t have to. Your website on Avoori will be automatically optimized for mobiles and any other device your visitors might use to check your website.

Is Avoori WordPress powered?

Yes, Avoori is powered by WordPress. This makes your website a WordPress website, but one that is free of complications and codes and can be designed using a page designer and Avoori’s technology.

Can I add code or CSS?

Avoori is WordPress-powered which means even your website is WordPress powered. You can create your website without codes on Avoori just as you can create one with codes on Avoori. You can make custom changes using code injections, code blocks, and CSS or skip this step on your website creation journey.

Can someone rebuild my site on Avoori for me? 

You can always hire a developer or a web designer to customize your Avoori website for you or to rebuild it but you’ll have to do so by looking on third-party platforms as we still don’t have the option to hire Avoori developers on our platform yet.

More answers

For more answers to your questions then please check our Avoori FAQ.

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