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Connect Avoori Newsletters Email Opt-in with Campaign Monitor

To send your newsletter subscribers from your website to Campaign Monitor, you need to first create a page which includes the newsletter email opt-in module with the help of the Page Designer. In the Content tab select Campaign Monitor as the Service Provider. This will make sure that your newsletter subscriber registrations are automatically sent to your selected service provider.

If you pick Campaign Monitor, you need to get the API key from your Campaign Monitor account (check this link to learn how) and paste it in the newsletter email opt-in module content tab. Then, you can choose the email list you want to use.

Campaign Monitor has a free sending plan for 5 subscribers, more info here.

In order to avoid API keys or integrations, the simplest option is to choose Avoori Newsletters as the Service Provider for your newsletter emails. This will allow you to have your subscribers listed directly into your website admin and to use the built-in newsletter service on your Avoori website to send your email newsletters. When using the integrated Avoori Newsletters service you will not need to worry about any API’s or integrations and also receive a generous free sending plan with every Business Website or Online Store plans.

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