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Post Navigation Module with the Website Page Designer

When your visitors are browsing through your blog entries, having links to the previous and next blog entries is an excellent way to engage them. You can customize the entries, as well as their design.

This is done by adding the Post Navigation module inside the Page Designer to any page on your website.

Define the contents

The content of the links can be customized using the following options.


This is where you can define the text that will appear on the links. In this example, we customized it to “Previous blog post” and “Next blog post”. You can see the configuration below.


Choose if the next and previous posts receive the same taxonomy for the links as the current one.


You can hide one, or both, of the navigation links.


Select a color, gradient, image or video for the background of the navigation links.

Admin label

You can modify the module’s label for easier identification.

Customize the design

Adjust your design, using these settings.

Links Text

Define the font, font weight, style, color, letter spacing, and other settings for the links text.


Adjust the width of the module.


Customize margins and padding sizes.


Define the border’s corner, style, color and width for your shop module. In this case, we selected 6px rounded blue corners, changing the design to look like buttons.

Box Shadow

Here you can enable box shadow.


Adjust the hue of the module as a whole.


Give an animation style to the module, like fading or sliding when it appears.

Advanced settings

Using this tab you can add CSS code and select device visibility and the transitions of the hover animation. Check this guide to know more about how to use these settings.


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