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Post Title Module with the Website Page Designer

A unique blog title is a great start to keep your visitors reading the post. A smart way to make it pop is by giving the title a nice stylish look. The page designer has a Post title module that lets you display the post title and the meta data, along with the featured picture, in a very elegant way.

Content settings

Use the content settings to customize the text, image, and icons that appear on the module.


Decide if the title, post meta, author, date, post category, comment count, and featured image appear on the page. If you enable the feature image, choose where to place it.


If you want that the element opens a new URL when someone clicks on it, paste that link here and decide if the link will open in the same window or tab.


Add a background color, gradient, image or video to your module. If you enable the parallax effect for the image, it will stay fixed as you scroll, creating the parallax effect.

Admin label

You can modify the module’s label for easier identification.

Design settings

The design settings are where you adjust the style of your module.


Define the color, text background color, orientation, and shadow of the text.

 Title Text

For the title, you can select the heading level (H1, H2, etc.), font type, weight, and style, alignment, color, px size, spacing, height, and shadow.

 Meta Text

Pick the font type, weight, and style, alignment, color, px size, spacing, height, and shadow, for the meta text.


Adjust the width of the module.


Customize margins and padding sizes.


Define the border’s corner, style, color, and width.

Box Shadow

Here you can enable box shadow.


Adjust the hue of the module as a whole.


Give an animation style to the module, like fading or sliding when it appears.

Advanced settings

Using this tab you are able to insert CSS code, select device visibility, and manage transitions. Check this guide to know more about how to use these settings.

Use Case

For this example, let’s show a post title, meta, and date for a page called “Home”.

For the background, we are selecting an image from the media library.

And finally, let’s choose for the text the light color, centered, 81px for the title text size and 31px for the meta text.

And we have a nice post title!

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