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Toggle Module with the Website Page Designer

A Toggle module lets you reveal hidden information, being a great option for page sections like the FAQ.

Go to the page designer and insert a new module, using the gray plus button.

Content settings


Create the title text and the content text of the module.


Decide if the module stays closed or open. If the state is “close” the title will appear when the module is closed and the content when you open it. If it’s opened both titles and content will show.


If you want that the element opens a new URL when someone clicks on it, paste that link here and decide if the link will open in the same window or tab.


Add a background color, gradient, image or video to your module.

Admin Label

You can modify the module’s label for easier identification.

Design settings


Pick the color of the toggle icon, that appears as a plus icon when it’s closed and a minus button when it’s open.


Customize the toggle text color, and the background color for the open and the closed toggle.


Choose the orientation and shadow of the text.

Title Text

Customize the title text.

Body Text

Select the body text options.


Adjust the width of the module.


Customize margins and padding sizes.


Define the border’s corner, style, color, and width.

Box Shadow

Here you can enable box shadow.


Adjust the hue of the module as a whole.


Give an animation style to the module, like fading or sliding when it appears.

Advanced settings

Using this tab you are able to insert CSS code, select device visibility, and manage transitions. Check this guide to know more about how to use these settings.

Use Case

How does it work? Add the toggle module. The tile will appear when the toggle is closed and the text when you open it.

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