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Video Module with the Website Page Designer

No doubt that videos serve multiple purposes, as entertainment, informational purposes or even as selling visual tools. Adding videos to your webpage couldn’t be simpler. You just need to use the video module of the Page Designer.

If you are new to the Page Designer and could use some help learning how to add a module don’t miss our quick start guides that will help you with the first steps of setting up your website.

Add a Video Module

Insert a module

The first step is to add a module to a row in your page and choose the video option.

Upload the video file or link

Go to the module settings and click on the Content settings. To insert a video you can either upload an MP4 file, choose one from the media library or insert a URL from an external source. It’s also possible to upload a .WEBM version of the video using the second box of the settings.

Pick the Cover/Overlay Image

The cover of the video, which is shown before the video is played can be any image you wish it to have. You can also type a URL to the image you wish to display. Alternatively, you can generate a still image from the video, by clicking on the “Generate From Video” button.

Admin label

By default, the administrator label will read “Video” but you can change it for easier identification if you wish.

Customize the Design

Play button color

The color of the play button icon can be changed to match your color scheme or to pop-up over the overlay image that you picked.


Adjust the width of your video taking into account the different device views where it will appear.


Arrange the margins and padding sized of the views on the different devices.

Other Design Features

The settings also let you customize the borders, shadows, color filter, and animation of the video module.

Advanced Settings

Using this tab you are able to insert CSS code and select device visibility. Check this article to know more about the Advanced settings.

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