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The cookies Avoori uses

In order to improve your experience with Avoori, we use cookies to track how you use our website. This tracking helps us understand how you use our website and therefore gives us the option to customize your experience to your liking.

This guide explains the kind of cookies we use on our website and the purpose of each one. This guide only details the cookies we use. It doesn’t cover the cookies; our clients might use on their website. 

For more information, you can check our cookie and privacy policy.

What are cookies?

Cookies or any other similar technology is a piece of information or data that gets stored on devices and browsers. Cookies are there to improve the overall visitor experience because they help website owners and browsers remember your preference and what you do on the website.

Functional and Required Cookies

Avoori makes sure to use only functional cookies that are relevant to your experience on the website. The cookies help us understand you better and give you better user experience. 

Name Purpose, type, and duration
  • A cookie that shows if the client already has an account or not.
  • A cookie that shows if the client already has an account or not.
  • Helps clients fill out forms faster
  • Uses one server in the duration of the session
  • Shows when a visitor adds a product to their cart
  • It enables to find out the right checkout page
  • It stores the session of the user while they’re completing the checkout
  • Prevents cross-site purgery
  • Shows if the client has a cart or not 
  • Prevents the screen from showing up before the client uses the right password
  • A cookie that authenticates a visitor during their checkout
  • A cookie that prevents loops
  • Remembers the login of a user if they already have an account
  • Prevents cross-site forgery on Avoori
  • Remembers the user that logs in into his account on Avoori
  • Authenticates a visitor who logs into an Avoori customer account
  • Stops the announcement bar from showing if the visitor dismisses it on Avoori
  • Shows the visitor if they’ve already liked a post
  • Stops the promotional pop-up from showing if a visitor dismisses it on Avoori
  • It investigates if the browser in question supports cookies
  • It shows the appointments based on the timezone of the client

Disable Analytics and Performance Cookies

You can disable placing cookies on your visitor’s websites at any moment with your website. All you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Go to your home menu, click on settings, and go to cookies.
  2. Click on disable analytics cookies.
  3. Click save.

You can also apply this option using the cookie bar by disabling cookies until visitors consent to receiving them. 

Note: Even if you disable cookies on Avoori, this doesn’t stop third-party services that are connected to your website to place cookies on yours or track your cookies.

How disabling cookies changes what you see in Analytics

Cookies help you track your visitors and help you understand what they do on your website, therefore, they affect your analytics.

If you disable your cookies on Avoori, then some, if not the majority of data will be affected and won’t represent your visitors’ behavior accurately. 

One of the things that can be a consequence of turning off your cookies is that each pageview of only one visitor could count as a new visitor. This means that your analytics will show that you have more unique visitors than you actually do. Every page view will count as one visit and that’s why the number of visitors will increase. For example, if one visitor comes and checks 5 pages, the count of the new visitors will be 5 even though there was only one. This also applies to old visitors that used to visit your website before you disabled cookies. If an old visitor checks your website again, they will be considered new visitors.

Another thing that can be affected by disabling cookies is the accuracy of the number of clicks, referrer attributions, and conversion rates on your analytics. Disabling cookies stop your website from tracking the behavioral pattern of the visitors and therefore, won’t be able to connect the consecutive visitor actions in the same session. 

Check your cookies

If you’re using popular and common browsers, then you can actually check which cookies are active in your browser and therefore be able to clear the cookies you don’t want. You can clear all the cookies, as you can clear only some of them.

You can check your cookies by going to your browser and checking settings.

Add a cookie banner

Some regulations and laws ask website owners to include a cookie banner on their website in order to inform the visitors that they use cookies and in order to get their consent to use them.

As a website owner on Avoori, you can add a cookie banner to your website as well.

Here’s how you can help your website when it comes to cookies:

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