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5 Essentials Avoori Tools for Your Business Website

Avoori’s set of templates are fully customizable and are available for free once you create an account. You can access them once you create your account and can start customizing your website immediately without waiting.

Whether your website is a portfolio, an online store, a business website for a hotel, a business website for a therapist, or anything else, Avoori is here for you.

We’ve created a personalized guide to help you choose the right template which you can read to learn more. You can also start your website from scratch with a blank template if you don’t want to use a template.

Besides the set of templates, Avoori has several other tools created just for you in order to help you customize your website and control it fully.

Custom Domain Name

When creating your website on Avoori, you’ll see that it comes with a custom domain name that follows this format: username.avoori.com. this free URL is given to you by Avoori before you get a custom domain to make it easier for you to access your website and share it with other people.

Still, we do believe that it’s still important to have a custom domain for your business and website as it’ll help you set up your uniqueness and grow your online presence. Your domain name is the first thing customers see which is why it’s important to buy one once you feel ready. 

If you haven’t bought a domain name yet, then you can go to Avoori domains to purchase one for yourself. Buying it on Avoori will help you connect it easily and manage your website and domain name all in one place.

If you have already purchased your domain name, then you can either transfer it or connect it to Avoori. You can check our transferring vs connecting guide to understand the differences between the two and which one to choose.

avoori custom domain name

Avoori Email Marketing

If you have email marketing as one of your priorities when it comes to your website’s promoting tactics, then it’s safe to say that Avoori has got your back. We have an email marketing toolset just to help you on your journey. 

Avoori email marketing is one of the most important tools in our website and can be used by any business owner or website owner wanting to use email marketing as one of their tactics. The tool offers stunning templates for your newsletter or email and has all the tracking tools to help you learn what’s working and what’s not working. 

You can create an email marketing campaign with the tool in as little as minutes. You can add texts, images, a block of content, links and so much more and finish it quickly and send it.  You can also track who’s seen the email or not and see the open rate in order to determine what you’re doing wrong. 

avoori email marketing

SEO Tools

Every website owner needs SEO tools to help them appear on search engines and rank better, that’s why Avoori has a set of tools to help you rank better on search engines. Your website, even on trial can be indexed on search engines and can rank even without upgrading to a paid plan.

Avoori’s SEO tools help you search for the right keywords using google suggestions, and then help you include them in the right places and right sections in your content to help you appear better on search engines.

You can also use in order to include Google Analytics on your website and start tracking information on your website without having to get out of it. Using Avoori, XML sitemaps are also easily created and easily tracked by search engines.

Note: If your website is still on trial, then you can check our guide on how to choose the right pricing plan to learn more.

Bookings & Appointments

Whether you’re a hotel or a business that works based on bookings & appointments, Avoori has got something for you. You can make your website your work ground in order to receive bookings, appointments, or even reservations online easily.

The tool has been set up by Avoori to help business owners automate the process of booking inside of their online website. Customers can go to your website, book an appointment based on the criteria you’ve set and on the availabilities without your assistance. For more help, check the bookings & appointments guide.

avoori booking


If you have a business that works based on memberships, then Avoori made that possible as well. You can set up your membership on your website and let customers buy them easily and get access to products related to that membership.

You can create a membership product, and then created products related to the membership, videos, and even blog posts that can only be visible to customers that bought memberships. To learn more about memberships, then check their guide.

Avoori made it easy for businesses to manage their website through these 5 tools, you can always learn more about them by checking their guides on our support page. 

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