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Adding and Modifying Widgets in the Widget Areas

If you are wondering what is a Widget, here’s your answer: it’s an application, often embedded into the side-bar of a page, that performs one simple action. Some typical examples of widgets are social media icons or a blog archives or categories and calendar.

You might want to pick a few if you’d like to save some space and to always have them present at your site, at the user’s reach.

Adding Widgets

To make your widgets appear in your sidebars, go to the menu, select Appearance-> Widgets and drag the available widgets to the sidebar or footer region you want them to be.

Change the widget’s configurations.

You can modify the name and other settings, depending on the type of widget, by clicking on top of the small right arrow, changing the fields that appear and click to save.

Include the same widget more than once.

To do it, you only have to drag the same item to the desired area as many times as you wish. You also have the possibility to click on the name of the widget on the Available Widgets table and pick the location to add it to.

Move widgets with drag and drop.

If you need to adjust the location of a widget, move it to the new location by grabbing it with the mouse left-button and releasing the mouse at the final destination.

Remove a widget.

To remove them simply click on the Delete button and save.

Manage With Live Preview

Select the Manage with Live Preview blue button on top of the page to arrange widgets just like in the previous screen, but with the added bonus of a live preview of your changes.

Types of Widgets

There are numerous types of widgets you can choose from and each has its own configuration possibilities.

About Me

Includes an author’s description, picture, and social network links.

Contact Info

Displays contact information, with the possibility to add an address, mobile/fax, email, website, and skype username.

Custom Header Logo

Here you can select the position of your header’s logo.

Custom Header Nav

Choose the position of your widget title.

Custom Link

Use this option to include URL, until a maximum of 15, for that widget.

Custom Menu

To display a custom menu from your Menu’s section and customize its colors, font, spacing, and sizing.

Facebook Like Box

Shows a Facebook Like box to connect visitors to your Facebook page.


Pulls an image from your Flickr account.


Shows a customizable number of Instagram photos.

Recent Posts

Lists a number of your recent or random blog posts.

 Social Icons

Shows Social networks icons that your visitors can click to follow.

 Tags Cloud

Displays a cloud of your most used tags.


To show your selected number of recent tweets.


List a monthly archive of your blog posts, that can display the number of posts per month.


If you want to include audio files.


To show a calendar of the site’s posts.


Includes a list or dropdown of your posts’ categories.

Custom HMTL

To enter HTML code.


Displays an image gallery.


Displays a single image.


Shows the login, RSS and WordPress.org links.

Navigation Menu

Adds a navigation menu.


Shows a list of your site’s pages.

Recent Posts

Shows a list of your recent posts.


Entries from a RSS or Atom feed.


Adds a search form to your site.


Any arbitrary text you might want to include.


To upload a video or embed an URL with one.

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