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Adding buttons to your site

Your website needs to be as effective as possible and to be so, it needs to include as much as buttons as acceptable. Buttons are an amazing tool to push visitors to make an action like clicking on a link or engaging with your content.

On Avoori, we recommend to our users to always use buttons on their websites in order to create some sort of interaction. We recommend to website owners to always use buttons that are attractive in color and that have a short key phrase like “subscribe”, or “ contact us “. 

Here’s how you can add buttons to your Avoori website.

Add buttons anywhere with Button Blocks

If you’re using the page designer and are designing pages like your homepage, contact page, or any other page where you can use the page designer, then adding buttons is a piece of cake.

On the page designer, there are a number of blocks you can choose from, choose the button block and add it where you want it to be.

Customize the button block according to your taste, add a link to it, and save all the changes.

Header buttons

If you have a header or a banner that you want to add buttons to, then they would be in the center of your website and would drive more attention and more clicks. 

You can edit your website header by using the page designer as well by clicking on the section where your header is, clicking on +, and adding a button block as well.

Once done, you can save your changes and have your button there.

Form and Newsletter Block buttons

If you have a form or a newsletter you want people to sign up to, then adding a button to it is a different thing. 

Forms and buttons both come with in-built buttons in them if you use their block on the page designer. To do, just go where you want to add a form or a newsletter block, and then add a form block or a newsletter block with the page designer.

Click on settings and go to the button and customize the button how you like color-wise, size-wise, and text-wise.

Commerce buttons

If you have an online store, then you must wonder how you can add buttons to your products like “add to cart”.

On  Avoori these buttons come by default by you can always customize them to your taste.

Image Block buttons

If you don’t want your link to be in a button, then you can always add it to an image and it’ll be considered as an image block button.

To add this kind of buttons, go to your page designer, add an image, and go to settings and add a link where links are supposed to be added. 

Save the changes.

Promotional pop-up buttons

If you want your button to have more clicks, then the best place to include it is in a promotional pop-up. 

On Avoori, you have the possibility to create pop-ups and customize them by adding buttons, images, or even newsletter blocks.

Styling buttons

Your buttons on Avoori are completely customizable from A to Z. You can decide how your buttons look by customizing the font, the text, the shape, the size, and even the background color.

You can either follow your branding or customize it according to what you like.

Track button clicks in Analytics

On Google Analytics, it’s possible to track how many clicks some buttons have and have access to more details, data, and insights on what is working and what is not working on your website. You can check using your data which buttons bring more clicks, which buttons bring more traction, and which ones perform better.

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