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Building your first Avoori site

If you’re planning on starting a website with Avoori, then this guide will help you go through all the basic steps you need to create a great online presence that will make your website pop up.

Building a website might seem easy, especially with a platform like Avoori, but it needs the right preparation and the right mindset. Your website is just like your own house or apartment or even store, it needs a lot of preparation in order to be able to do its basic functions. In this guide, we’ll help you go through everything you need to build your first Avoori website.

Tip: We’ve created a launch checklist for website owners who want to know what they need to get done before making their website go live.

Create your site’s structure

Just like a house, your website needs structure in order to be able effective and in order for it to be navigable. This structure is your pages, posts, titles, headers, and menu. By creating different pages and different posts for each thing, you’re making your website navigable and easy to explore by visitors.

So, here’s how to create your website’s structure.

Add pages

Each website on Avoori comes with a certain set of pages that you can customize yourself. 

  1. Go to your home menu, click pages.
  2. Choose the page you want to edit, and click edit.
  3. You’ll be taken to the page which you can customize using the page designer.

avoori editing

To add pages: 

  1. Go to your home menu, click pages.
  2. Create add new and give the page a name.
  3. Edit the page using the page designer. 

You can delete, edit, or add new pages the way you like. 

Note: When you first start your website, a demo will help you go around everything you need, you can always choose to skip it.

Edit your site header

Your website’s header is where your title and logo are, you can edit this site header so it can include your website’s name and logo to help visitors recognize your website better.

To do this, go to appearance, and click customize.

You’ll be taken to your website’s customizer where you can edit your header as you wish. 

You have the option to edit the colors, add the logo, customize the spacing, and everything else you need.

header avoori

Add content to your pages

After customizing your Header and adding pages, it’s time to add some content to your website. You can add content to your pages by adding blocks, items, products, or even posts.

  • Blocks can be added using our page designer either by adding texts, buttons, images, videos, or anything else. 
  • Collections can include anything from blog posts to events.

Add content with blocks

To add content with your blocks, then please go to :

  • Your home menu, go to pages.
  • Check the pages and choose the one you want to edit.
  • Go to the page, and click on + to add a section. 
  • Insert the block you want to add.

Keep repeating this process until you created enough blocks for your page. You can rearrange the blocks the way you want by clicking on them and dragging them where you want them to be. After finishing this customizing, click save to save everything. 

block of content Avoori

You can always delete sections that is already there and start from scratch with an empty page. 

Add content with collection pages

Collections are a set of items that are closely related like products on a product page, an event on an event page, or blog posts on a blog page. On these pages, the page can include the set of collections in addition to some blocks, but the collection gets the whole spotlight.

To add these collections either:

Go to posts and add more posts to your blog page.

Or go to products and add more products to your product page.

Edit your site’s style

After creating your website and adding content, it’s time to set up your website’s style so that it can be consistent all over your pages.

You can change the colors, fonts, and spacing to make your content look the same all over your website, so, here’s how to do it.

Go to your Home menu > go to appearance > and then go to customize.

You can choose the fonts to use for titles, headings, and so much more.

You can also choose the default colors and spacing to use for each of them.

You can customize each aspect of your website generally in order to give your content the same look.

avoori typography

Style individual sections

To edit each page on its own or each text on its own, you’ll need to go to that page, and to that section precisely in order to customize it.

To edit a page, go to:

  • Home menu, go to pages and choose the page you want to edit.
  • Go to the page, and choose the section you want to edit.
  • Click on it twice and you’ll be able to edit it.
  • Choose the colors of all the other aspects that reflect your website.
  • Click save.

block of content avoori

Launch your site

With this guide, you’ll be able to launch your website quickly and get everything done the correct way on Avoori.

You can also check our site launch checklist if you still haven’t in order to figure out what we recommend when launching a new website. 


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