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Choosing compelling images

Your website’s most compelling aspect is its images, colors, and fonts. In the majority of times, visitors usually just look at the images instead of texts and can only pay attention to the colors and objects images have. 

So, if you’re thinking of adding images to your website, then that’s a great idea. Images give your website some personality and give it the missing it that makes it much more attractive and makes it bring more clicks. 

This guide will help you choose the right images for your website and how you can make it look more attractive.


  • Get inspired


Before you start customizing your website, it’s important to get inspired. At first, your website might look like a blank page and a blank canvas that you don’t know how to customize, that is why we recommend you take the right time to explore what you like.

There are different templates on Avoori with different images for different industries and needs, it’s important to take your time to explore each one if you can in order to see which one you like best. You can also check which images fit your style best.

Check if you like images that have warm colors, cold colors, that are black and white, that have sceneries in them, that have people, and so on.  


  • Create a cohesive look


After you find out which images you like best, it’s important to start creating a cohesive look. A cohesive look means it’ll all revolve around your website’s personality and theme. You can choose whether or not to have a joyful website, a minimalist website, a black and white website, and so on. 

Make sure to move in all of your colors and fonts in accordance with the images you’re using this way your website can look cohesive and can look like everything falls into one place.


  • Find the perfect picture


Whether you’re using one picture or several ones on your website, it’s important to find the perfect picture for every place as it will serve one purpose and will serve it well. Although ideally, the best scenario is to take shots yourself or have a photographer take them for you for a purpose, it’s still an ideal scenario and you can choose to download your picture from elsewhere. 

You can use pictures from free stock photos websites like Unsplash which we have a collaboration with this way you can use free pictures on Avoori without any copyright strike. 

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