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Creating a great logo

Your logo is very important. It’s a clear indicator of what your business does and what your business stands for. A logo is there to give a brief representation of what you do using an icon and a text, a text, or an icon. 

Logos are supposed to be easy to remember and are supposed to convey a message, so, if you’re struggling to create a logo for your website, here’s what you can do.


  • Find what’s unique about you


The first step in designing a logo for your business or company is to first find out what’s unique about you. Usually, there are a lot of things that are unique about your business including your name, your values, your team, and what you stand for. 

You can use all of these elements to create a logo for your business. Some logos have the name of the business written in a unique way, some have icons, and some only have icons, so, it’s up for you to choose the kind of logo you want.

You want your logo to be eye-catching, to be easy to remember and to have colors that represent your brand the best. You can either create the logo yourself or hire a professional designer to do it for you.


  • Keep it simple


The second step into logos creation is to actually keep it simple. A lot of business owners tend to go for complex logos that have a lot of details, a lot of information, and a lot of analysis to do if you want to understand them. This not only makes it overwhelming but also makes the logo a visual clutter.

That’s why it’s important to create a seamless logo that is easy to understand. The easier the logo is to understand, the easier it is to remember, and the more your clients keep an eye to it. 

So, when creating a logo keep in mind these things, fewer fonts, fewer colors, and simpler icons or fonts. This way your logo will still be unique, but it’ll have a higher and greater impact because of its simplicity.


  • The fundamentals of a great logo


The fundamentals of a great logo are quite simple, but a lot of people still seem to not grasp them quite clearly. Your logo needs to reflect your website and business at all times, it’s its 24/7 occupation and work. 

Whether the logo appears on your website, on your business card, or anywhere else, it needs to look the same and needs to reflect your business the same way. Your logo will appear in different places, that’s why it needs to have the best size and the best resolution. 

If you feel like adding a graphic component to your logo is too much and that only texts are enough, then follow your guts and don’t add any graphic component. The right color and the right font can say a lot about your business and only those are enough if used in the right way.

Don’t overdo things, don’t over-add components, and don’t create visual clutter. Make sure your logo is understandable and looks good everywhere you put it. Those are the basics of a great logo.

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