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Export Your Website Contents and Information

If you would like to back up the data from your Avoori website or import it to another website, there is a really straightforward way to do it. All you have to do is to use the export tool from your menu. Go to your site admin dashboard and click on Tools-> Export.

How Does it Work?

It’s really easy! Simply select which content you want to export, all of it or only a type of data, and click on the green Download Export File button. An XML file will be created that you can save to your computer.

This file contains all your data, like posts, pages, comments, custom fields, tags and categories.

What Can Be Exported?

This tool allows you to export all your data or just a type of it. Some of the categories have additional filters that you can use.


Check this button to disclose the filters you might apply when exporting your posts:

  • Categories – you can pick just one or leave the All categories selected to export them all
  • Authors – choose a specific author or export posts from all the writers
  • Date – you can decide to select a start and/or end date of your posts
  • Status – export all status or one of the possibilities between Published, Scheduled, Draft, Pending, and Private


This button shows the following filters for exporting pages:

  • Authors – select a page author or export All authors
  • Date – fill the starting and ending page dates to include in the export
  • Status – elect a page status or export them all

Form entries

Download all data concerning the visitor answers to your submitted forms.


Export your layouts to be able to use them on other pages or just to save them to your local storage for backups or to be imported to another website.


Export your media. You may apply a date filter to the export to limit the exported media to certain dates.

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