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Importing Website Data from Another Source

Imagine you already have a site or blog but you would like to move its contents to your Avoori website, instead of starting all over again or lose all your previous work: the Import tool responds to your wishes and does exactly that.

To use the Import tool, go to your menu and under Tools, you can select the Import option. You can import contents from any of the options described below.

Import Options


To change your website to a new URL or otherwise to transfer absolutely everything from one website to another, simply upload the export file you created on one of your Avoori websites and follow the options.

Self Hosted WordPress

You can import content to your site from another self hosted WordPress installation. Once you created the export file on your source website, you can upload it here and the relevant configuration will be imported.


Start with the export file you created on wordpress.com. Select or drag your export file into the select file box and follow the options.


Importing your Wix content is done from your Wix feed. Please go to the Wix feed URL by visiting your Wix site address and adding /blog-feed.xml to the URL. Using your browser, click save as, to save the feed output to a file on your computer. Please upload the feed file to the import box below and all your Wix content will be imported to your website.


Before importing content from your Squarespace website, please make sure to export the contents from Squarespace as a WordPress XML format file. Once you have the file, simply upload it here and the contents of your Squarespace website will be imported to your website.


Please export your weebly contents in a WordPress compatible format. Once your file is ready, please upload it to import its contents.


If you have a large product collection, Shopify will allow you to export your product data in bulk as a CSV file. Simply import your product list here and you will be asked to match your Shopify information to your website product fields.


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