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Is my site live?

All Avoori websites are live by default. This means, the moment you create your website, your website is automatically live and can be seen by anyone. You can just your website’s link even if you haven’t linked it to a domain name yet, and it’ll be seen by the visitor and it can also be indexed by search engines. 

This guide will answer all of your questions related to your website’s privacy and going live.

When a trial is live

All trial website on Avoori are public by default, they can be accessed by site owners and contributors but also by anyone who can find it through search engines and links. You can discourage search engines from indexing your website so it can’t be found on search results. 

When a paid site is live

When you upgrade your website, the website is automatically live to be seen and indexed by search engines unless you specify otherwise in the settings. If you still haven’t activated your website, then you can always check our guide on how to choose the right plan to learn more. 

When an online store is live

When on trial, you won’t be able to connect a payment processor and get paid for purchases, that’s why it’s important to activate your website if you need an online store. After activating your website, you can connect a payment processor and get paid for every purchase. 

Your customers can complete the checkout process without any problem and your website will be considered 100% live as it can complete all checkouts.

When changes are live

If you’re editing your website, then you might wonder if changes are public and visible or not. Changes are not made public on your website unless you save your changes and publish them instead of making them as a draft.

These changes include: 

  • Changes made to your layout.
  • Changes made to blog posts, and products.
  • Changes made to style and design settings.
  • Changes made to content block areas such as headers.

Once you click on save, the change will go live.

There are some other changes that you can add that will automatically be live once the person refreshes your website. 

  • Images added to the gallery.
  • Anything added to Gallery Pages.
  • Rearranging, adding, or deleting items on the navigation menu. 

Remove content from search engines

If by any chance search engines index a page or a post that you didn’t want to be indexed, then you can always connect your Avoori website to Google Search Console and remove the information.

If your website hasn’t been indexed yet, then you can always hide the pages you don’t want to hide.

You can also use Avoori to discourage search engines from indexing your website before you want to.

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